Jane Austen ABC’s


I decided to just come up with these. I’m sure you’ve heard some of them (or all of them) before.

is for Austen. Duh.

is for Bertram. Edmund Bertram is the hero of Mansfield Park.

is for Collins. A more awkward man you’ll never meet.

is for Darcy. Swoon.

is for Emma. She’s a bit of a pill.

is for Frank Churchill. He’s a selfish douche.

is for George Wickham. CAD! SCALLYWAG!

is for Harriet. Naive, but sweet.

I is for Isabella Thorpe. A false friend and naughty child.

is for Jane Bennett. Sweet and lovely as always.

is for Knightley. Swoon again.

is for Lizzie. An idol to us all.

is for Marianne. Emotional and spontaneous.

is for Northanger Abbey. Creepy and full of ghosts. And vampires.

is for Osborne. As in the Osbornes of The Watsons. It’s a little known work of Austen’s.

is for Persuasion. My favorite Austen novel.

is for Quaint. Like The Bennett’s house or life in the country.

is for Robert. As in Mr. Robert Martin of Abbymill Farm.

is for Susan. Lady Susan is another unfinished Austen novel.

is for Tilney. Mr. Tilney is such a flirt.

is for Uncle. Sir Thomas Bertram is Fanny’s uncle in Mansfield Park and therefore important.

is for Viscountess. The Elliot’s are related to the Viscountess Darymple. It’s awkward.

is for Wentworth. Strong, silent, perfection.

is for FairfaX. As in Jane Fairfax. Because no names in Austen’s world start with X.

is for Young. The evil Mrs. Young helps Wickham in his lecherous activities.

is for EliZa. Because Z’s are also unpopular. Eliza Williams is Willoughby’s first victim.


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