BoB Progress

It’s time to read some stuff!

Tuesday Thoughts
I didn’t do particularly well with the reading yesterday, primarily because I had so many other things to do. However, today is an unexpected day off. WHOO! So I’ve already finished a book.

Book Progress: I read half of One Week Budget and I listened to about 30 minutes of The Pixar Touch. I also started Outlander, but that was it. I haven’t gone much beyond that to be honest.
Books Read: NONE. Yet.

Book Progress: HA! I finished One Day! That wasn’t exactly my intent, but I have the day off and it just sort of happened. I cried a little. I’ve seen the movie, so I knew it was sad, but it hurt my heart all the same.
Books Read: ONE! One Day. I’m happy about that.

Book Progress: I read over 100 pages of Outlander.
Books Read: Still at one.

Book Progress: I’m almost halfway through Outlander and 25% through Sense and Sensibility.
Books Read: Still at one.

Book Progress: I FINISHED OUTLANDER! WHAT?! Be excited with me. The review is up; check it out.
Books Read: TWO! HA! Outlander and One Day.

Book Progress:
Books Read:

Book Progress:
Books Read:


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