BOB 9.0 Goals

Well, it’s that time of year again. GOALS. What do I want to read over the next week?

  • The Pixar Touch
  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Bread and Wine
  • Orthodoxy
  • At least 4 books of the Old Testament
  • Quiet
  • And whatever other books get thrown in along the way

I intend to go pay off my library fines (yes, I already have library fines here…ugh) and look around for things that would be interesting. I also have a host of books that I got for $2 or less on my Kindle, including Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. We’ll see if I manage to get through even part of this list, because I also have One Day and A Casual Vacancy to finish. And a lot of others, like the Thomas the Unbeliever series by Stephen Donaldson. SO MANY BOOKS! AH!

Hopefully, I’ll finish the nonfiction ones I want to read, because I’d like to start reading others.

I would like to review 4 books out of the ones I’ll read. Ideally, I’d review them all, but as I mentioned in my last post I’m pretty terrible at that, so we’ll see. Four seems like a reasonable number.

If I can, I’ll participate in Twitter chats and the like, but I have two part-time jobs, so I might not be able to. (Which makes me sad…)

Happy BoB! What are you planning to read the first full week of the new year?


One thought on “BOB 9.0 Goals

  1. Annie says:

    I thought Outlander would be more manageable as an audiobook then, once downloaded, I discovered it’s like 30 hours long – thanks Audible! Lol. At least it was only 1 credit, that’s value for money. 🙂 And I am looking forward to it… just a bit intimidated. Lol. Good luck next week! I’m hoping to read 5 books – but it’s my first read-a-thon so I’ll have to see how I go (and they won’t be mammoth books!).


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