Frozen: the best Disney musical since Beauty and the Beast?

I think so. Beauty and the Beast is my FAVORITE Disney movie. Ever. After I saw Frozen, it became my second.

I wasn’t sure about Frozen at first. The previews made it look stupid. I discovered that it was far from stupid. It’s a story about courage, family, and love. And the true meaning of sisterhood.

The story is about two sisters who are the princesses of a beautiful Scandinavian-esque country, Anna and Elsa. Elsa is the eldest and has the power to control and create winter. When they are both little, Elsa hurts Anna, putting ice in her head. The trolls heal her by making her forget about Elsa’s powers. Their parents tragically die in a shipwreck, leaving Elsa as the heir. Elsa hasn’t spoken to anyone in years, including Anna. The montage of the years passing is shown in a cute song that Anna sings, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

They open the gates “For the First Time In Forever” for the coronation. Anna runs around getting ready for the guests and finally goes outside. At the end of the song she meets Hans. He and his horse are super cute; at least Anna certainly thinks so.

Aww…aren’t they cute?

The ball commences and Elsa greets the world and her sister for the first time in a long time. Then Anna and Hans dance and sing a song together discovering that “Love is an Open Door,” after which he proposes and she, surprisingly, said yes. Elsa, of course, being the sensible older sister, forbids the match. It unruffles her enough that her powers spin out of control and she, horrified, flees for the mountains. Once surrounded by all the snow Elsa decides to “Let It Go” and creates a magical ice fortress of epic proportions. However, when she explodes, as it were, she sends an eternal winter upon her country.

Like any good sister, Anna runs after her. Along the way she meets Kristoff and Sven. Kristoff is an ice seller, which is unfortunate given the new weather. Kristoff states that “Reindeers Are Better Than People” right before he reluctantly agrees to bring Anna up the mountain.

They go through many adventures together before Anna and Elsa finally meet again. Elsa scares them away with a giant snow monster, but accidentally strikes ice into Anna’s heart before she leaves. If she doesn’t find true love before she freezes, she’ll die. So Kristoff and Anna set off back down the mountain to Hans so that she can get true love’s kiss.

Things I loved:

I loved Anna’s character. She’s spunky and funny and awkward. She’s possibly the most relatable princess in a long time. But my favorite character was Sven the reindeer. He’s like Samson from Sleeping Beauty only better, because he’s a reindeer. And Kristoff knows him so well that he knows his thoughts. This is a bromance made in Disney heaven. I love it.

I absolutely adored the soundtrack. Anna’s lyrics are so genuine and something I could sing any day and have it apply to my life. The storyline was great too. There was an emphasis on romance and finding “The One,” but the main love of the story is the love between two sisters. Anna just wants to be with Elsa, but Elsa has to protect Anna from herself. It is so touching. I have three sisters and I got to see this movie with two of them. A lot of the sisterly interaction in the movie was pretty realistic. There is very little I wouldn’t do for my sisters.

I loved Anna and Kristoff’s relationship. He teases her for getting engaged to a man she just met and she teases him for having no friends. He insists that he has friends that are “love experts” and they are referred to as such for the rest of the movie. Even in the end, when she gives him his new sleigh, they are so funny and awkward together. Their experience made them BFFs and it’s perfectly portrayed in the last scene.

Bahahaha! They’re great.

I got this from Likeness of Love on WordPress. It has some great Frozen fan art.

My favorite line was “The sky is awake, so am I, so I need to play.” Anna says it with such dramatic flair and it sounds exactly like something I would say.

My favorite song was…all of them? I know that’s not an option. Top three in order:

1. Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

2. Love Is An Open Door

3. Let It Go

Somewhere in the middle of all of those is Reindeers Are Better Than People, but it’s less than a minute, so I don’t know that I can call it a favorite. Can I?

Things I hated:

There wasn’t a whole lot I ‘hated’ per say. There were things that I just didn’t care about. A lot of people complained about Olaf and continue to do so. I didn’t really mind his character, but I don’t think that he added a lot to the story. He was just a cute character to make into stuffed animals for kids. He had some pretty great lines, but his character could have easily been taken out and the storyline would have continued on just fine.

In comparison to Sven, Olaf is small stuff. I liked Sven much, much better. Because reindeers are better than people, even snow people.

I didn’t like the trolls. They are Kristoff’s adopted family and they have this song that pushes he and Ana together. I thought that they were annoying. They do provide the cure for Anna’s heart problem. However, beyond that they were ugly and a little ridiculous. Unnecessary really. The trolls were definitely my least favorite part of the movie.

Overall, I loved this movie. The story was incredible; the soundtrack superb. I will definitely be seeing it over and over and I’ve been playing the soundtrack almost nonstop on youtube (if you couldn’t tell). If you haven’t seen it yet, go. Right now. Get off your butt. Go get tickets. Hit up Fandango or something. Stop reading this. GO. GO NOW.


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