Have you ever stepped out of your house and felt you stepped into a picture? All around you the wind blows, and you feel the chill of autumn in the air. The ground is still wet from the thunderstorms that afternoon and the sky is covered in waves of clouds. There isn’t a break to see the sun as it sets, and so the colors are muted and the world is awash in the strange glow of twilight.

As you get in your car, you notice that there’s just enough light to see through the trees. It looks romantic. The road is framed by forest, which always looks perfect, but now it looks like a hiding place for lovers in the night. You can see him in your mind’s eye, placing one last note in the hole he carved in the tree especially for the purpose.

Then you see it as you approach your destination. The break in the clouds that reveals the most beautiful colors as the sun waves goodbye. Orange, red, purple, pink. They intermingle and make the world seem more magical than it was mere seconds ago. Parking is agony because you know that you have to walk away from it. And when you come back out it might be gone. You try to make it a short trip. Run in, grab stuff, pay, run out.

It’s darker now. The tragedy of losing the light is offset by the knowledge that someone else, somewhere is gaining it. Someone is watching that sunrise and feeling the same wonder you felt as it set. Dark purple still fills the sky and you watch as the color disappears all together. Is there any other feeling like it? Is there any other aspect of nature that makes you feel the same way? You hope that it happens again tomorrow, but know that perfection like that is rare. And you’re glad that you were blessed enough to enjoy it.


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