BOB Final Thoughts.

A little late, but I wanted to finish it out. I read a over 1000 pages and made some new friends and I had fun. But I must admit, when the week was up, I was relieved. Forcing myself to read was good. It got me back to my roots. I love books. I love stories. And I hadn’t been in that world in so long. I was so completely wrapped up in my own misery. And by the end of the week I was ready to start up again. I remembered why I love classics and how much I want to read out there in the world.

I loved meeting new people who understood my book love and who I could get sassy with, without fear of strange looks or shunning. I loved spending as much time as possible reading. I loved that. AND! I met new NaNo people. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!

I need to find a job that doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg in gas money, and that is my focus this week. And I love that I could spend a week reading and I love that I have the real world to return to. And now, I’m gonna socialize a little. With wine. Love that too.

Basically, it was a week of love. I put out three reviews with a fourth one to follow soon and I finished Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, which I’ve been dying to read forever. And I’m inspired to finish Anna Karenina before the year is out and Casual Vacancy. So here’s to more reading, thought perhaps not four books a week…


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