I’ve been truly struggling recently to figure out what I’m meant to do. Not even my life goals or anything, but what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’m becoming more and more certain that my barista time is over.

I’m starting to realize that I am truly passionate about communicating to just about anyone the importance of the written word. When people tell me they don’t read, or don’t like reading, I instantly want to know what they’ve read and what other interests they have so that I can direct them to books they will like. Because saying you don’t like to read isn’t an option. Especially now that there are handy companies like Audible, which give you audio books. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO ACTUALLY READ. You just have to listen.

There are books out there for every type of person, and more often than not those that shy away from books have been exposed to the sort that are wrong for them. Everyone should read. Everyone should enjoy books. And I want to tell people that and help them find what they will like. I want to teach people about the joys of literature and the vast treasure that we have in libraries.

So here I go. Trying to find jobs that will further my goals of becoming a teacher someday.

Ready? Go.


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