It’s my favorite month. I know, that’s a bit cliche considering I was born in August. However, it’s more than my birthday. It’s the start of school and rush to buy all those beautiful school supplies.

I love buying office supplies. It’s one of my greatest pleasures. Nothing relaxes me quite so much as buying Post-its and a few good pens. Or notebooks. Or a really pretty binder. Or some good notebook dividers. I just really love office supplies. I have to keep away from that section in Walmart/Target, so that I don’t drain my bank account on paper and markers.

I love August because it’s bitter sweet. It’s that time when Summer is waving goodbye and telling you that Autumn will be along soon to help you cope. It’s the cool breezes that smell like fresh orchards and carry a hint of apple cider. Just enough to make you think that Autumn’s coming. It’s like semi-sweet chocolate or strawberry lemonade. It’s beautiful.

August. The word is fabulous. It is an adjective which means “venerable, majestic, magnificent, noble.” The eighth month of the year was renamed from it’s original “Sextilis” to honor Augustus Caesar, one of the greatest Roman emperors. The history of the word, and the way we use it in the English language is delightful.

During this particular August, in the year of our Lord 2013, I will be reading the entire Bible. 31 days, 66 books, hundreds of chapters, thousands of verses. It will be an adventure. Below is my plan, borrowed from Petie at All Things Bright and Beautiful. She’s a beautiful writer and an awesome photographer. I love reading her stuff, so go check her out! If you want to join me in this august challenge let me know so that we can encourage each other this glorious month.

I hope you have an august August.  😉



Bible Reading Plan


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