Happy Ever After

I get made fun of for reading Nora Roberts books. I pride myself on loving the classics and having good taste in books. So when I was found out for my secret love of Nora Roberts, I got burned. I’ve gone through many phases in my book life, much like real life, and I am not particularly proud of my romance/paranormal romance phase. But Nora Roberts is an author to whom I keep coming back. Thankfully, I think I’m outgrowing it, but there is one series that I’ve read/listened to multiple times and is dear to my heart. I’m writing this to make a plea for it, despite the cliches and the ridiculous outlandish romance that happens.

The Wedding Quartet (Vision in White, Bed of Roses, Savor the Moment, and Happy Ever After) is about four friends who own a wedding planning business. Each has a history, baggage and quirks. Mackenzie is the photographer, Emma’s the florist, Laurel is the pastry chef, and Parker is the organizer and overall manager of Vows. If you want to know more about each individual book, you can read the synopses on Amazon.

The reason I love this series isn’t the romance. Each story is cute and fairly unrealistic (as are most romance novels). I love this series because of the relationship between the friends. My friends are an important, even vital part of my life. These four women know each other, they fight, they live life together and it touches me. I go back over and over because I feel like I’m part of them. It makes me miss my friends and as I’ve revisited the books and laughed over the antics of men and brides, I called my friends and cherished what I have with them. These women have each others backs. They scare off unwanted guests, encourage each other, push each other to go to the gym (seriously. it’s crazy). My friends are like that too. And I love them for it.

And yes, there are flaws. The guys are too perfect. There’s only ever one big conflict between the hero and heroine. Once that’s worked out they don’t fight ever again. Parker’s brother, Del, punches Jack for dating Emma without telling him, but doesn’t punch Mal about his own sister. The men think of everything; flowers, tokens, glittery things. The women struggle through their feelings and seamlessly juggle their lives and hectic schedules, still managing to make time with their honeys. They make the perfect amount of money and have all the pleasant things in life. Despite all of that, the friendship draws me back.

Nora Roberts knows how to write women really well. And that’s why I started reading her. Her characterization is brilliant, especially in this series. That’s why I keep coming back to this series. And that’s why I’d recommend the series.

She can’t, however, come up with a new plot line to save her life. She’s ridiculously repetitive. (See? I’m outgrowing her! *crosses fingers*)


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