Tidal Wave

It starts as a trickle,

A spatter of rain.

Plop, plop, plop.

I think nothing of it.

I don’t look up,

I ignore the signs

Until suddenly I’m drenched.

I see the wave coming,

And I brace myself,

But how can you ready yourself for that?

For the flood that hits,

Full force with nothing to hide you.

I’m swept away with the current;

riding in the tide of it all.

It swamps through me,

And I can’t hide.

I can’t build a dam, 

Or separate myself from the ocean.

But finally, I rise up to float.

I take deep breaths of cool sweet air,

And hope that it never happens again.

The water slowly goes down.

I can stand once more.

I dry off.

And then I feel the rain.


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