Creativity FTW

I have joined a creative movement started by my dear friend Hattie. She’s pledged to attempt something creative every day this year and I’m joining in, for the writing portion anyway. So every third day, I’m going to write something and post it on the blog: it’s just real quick. I think it’s brilliant.

I haven’t done a lot of original writing lately; I’ve been focused on editing. Which I have to say, is a depressing business. You never know how much you suck until you go back and read something you wrote over a year ago. And I have a critic, which tends to make things worse (although, I totally asked for critique, so it’s my own fault). So, I think a creative endeavor is just the thing I need.

I’ve already posted something. The bookend to my Waking Up post. It’s a post about falling asleep. I tend to have trouble with that. It’s titled At the end of the day there’s another day dawning. So go check it out and enjoy the creativity that will simply abound from that blog. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m hoping other people will want to join as well. I hope it becomes something big.

Happy reading!


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