Waking Up

Waking up is one of the hardest things to do. I open my eyes a crack and inwardly groan. I turn off my alarm, turn over and return to that blissful dreamscape where anything can happen. Fifteen minutes later, my eyes open fully and I realize that I should have been up fifteen minutes ago.

What’s wrong with you?! Turning off your alarm?

Then my second alarm goes off and I remember that I planned for this. I set four alarms, fifteen minutes apart, to give me plenty of time to get up. Relief floods me and I’m happy that I’m so clever and I know myself so well that I can do things like that.

Well, I can just sit here in bed for a few minutes then. It’s too cold to get out of bed right now anyway. I should turn on the heater…right? I don’t really feel like moving. Never mind. I’ll just become toasty in my blanket and get up in a few minutes.

I snuggle under the covers and slip back to that unconscious heaven.


My third alarm goes off. I groan in hatred and glare at my phone. WHY? Why must I get out of this sanctuary that hides me from the censure of the world? It’s warm. It provides comfort and I can rest. I just want rest! BAH!

I sigh and swing my feet out of bed, shivering in the shock of the sudden cold and run upstairs.

I hate waking up.


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