An Unexpected Journey…to the Movies and Back

So last night, I went and saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at midnight. My little sister, Marissa, went with me, which was great, because otherwise I would have been alone.

Let me just say that I feel like I have been spoiled in my midnight showings. I’ve been to almost every Harry Potter midnight premiere and they have been AWESOME. Specifically the last one, in which there was improv music (all about HP) and spells and everyone was dressed up and a little crazy. So much fun. I’ve also been to a Star Wars midnight showing, which was much the same, only with Star Wars stuff.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I arrived at the Fredericksburg Regal at 10PM and saw that there wasn’t even a line! All theaters were already open for seating and we got prime seats because there was practically no one there yet. I was wearing my Underground Middle Earth Threadless shirt that Brianna got me, because it was too cold to dress as a Hobbit. There were a few other guys wearing T-shirts. The guys in front of us played LOTR games on their tablets and the guys behind us talked ComicCon until the previews started. But it felt weird. Fandoms are supposed to be a connection. People you don’t know are just as excited as you and so you freak out together and become a community. Not so last night. It was kind of sad. The best part was when the little spiel about silencing your cell phones and refreshments in the lobby happened. At Regal it’s a roller coaster ride on the screen that goes through all the things about the exits and stuff. In my family we always pretend we’re on the roller coaster and put our hands up and go on the ride. The ENTIRE THEATER did it too. Together we embarked on the roller coaster ride and it was great.

But the movie. Oh my goodness, the movie was FANTASTIC! Everything, from start to finish was perfect. And it ended where I thought it would. I loved Richard Armitage as Thorin. He was PERFECT. At the end, when he hugs Bilbo, I almost cried. That is one of my favorite parts of the book and it made me ridiculously happy.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Ori and Fili. I knew Kili would be great (Aiden Turner, HELLO HANDSOME), but I kind of fell in love with Kili a little. And Ori was super cute and clueless. I also loved Radagast. He was simply wonderful in every way. His sleigh, drawn by rabbits, was the perfect thing. And his relationship to the other wizards was well characterized, I think. I loved when Gandalf mentions that there are five wizards, but he doesn’t remember the blues names. I laughed.

There was one frame of the movie that became my favorite. Galadriel, Saruman, Elrond, and Gandalf are talking and Galadriel and Gandalf begin to ignore Saruman and have their own little telepathic conversation. Galadriel says sadly, “We are leaving.” Referring, of course, to the elves and the beginning of their departure from Middle Earth. Gandalf replies, “Yes.” Galadriel’s eyes narrow and she says, “You knew?” And the facial expression Gandalf offers in return was the PERFECT blend of sneaky, all-knowing, somewhat-innocent, “Duh” look. It was great and the entire theater cracked up because that’s how perfect it was.

So that was my experience at The Hobbit. Honestly, I can’t wait to go again. Although, surprisingly, I’m not ready for the next segment. I want to savor this experience and wring every drop of enjoyment from this first movie. I’m so excited to see it again.


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