I’m still here…

Hey all! It’s been a while. The reason being that I moved across the country, from Chicago to Virginia and it’s been a little bit insane. I’ve gotten very little writing or reading done. I only managed 20,000 words for NaNoWriMo and 2 books off my fall reading list, but have no fear! I am now somewhat settled and I return to my writing/reading frenzy. I don’t think I’m going to make my goal of 100 books by the end of the year though. Sad day.

So I now live back with my parents and am working for a new Starbucks. I spend lots of time with my little sisters (which I love) and have been bonding with Leo (the best dog in the world…he cuddles with me often). I enjoy being here and spending time with my family.

Those are all the positive things…the negatives are much more numerous. I don’t have a car here (yet) and that really is the only way you can get anywhere. I had completely forgotten what it’s like to live in places like this, where there is no public transportation. It’s terrible. So I’ve been relying on parents for rides and car shopping. Ugh. I dislike the whole process intensely. Then there’s the fact that my transfer has yet to go through at this Starbucks. All of that is overshadowed by the fact that I have NO FRIENDS here. Seriously, I feel like I’m in a wasteland where I must be alone. I love my family, but a break is required every now and then and to constantly spend that time alone is a little depressing.

However, I am determined to make the most of my solitude and have started editing Raina and am continuing my NaNo book.

I intend to do one book review for this month and then start fresh in the new year.


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