In a Land where Vamps drive Mystery Machines…

So here is my review of Patricia Briggs’s Mercedes Thompson series. This is not a series for the faint of heart or for children. Bad things happen.

In the first book, Moon Crossed, you are introduced to Mercedes Thompson. She’s a coyote shape-shifter who was raised by werewolves, which apparently is weird, because wolves eat coyotes. But you know, weird stuff happens here. She lives in the Tri-Cities area. Here, there is a hoard of vampires (or a seethe, you know, whichever you prefer). Simon is one of them. Simon dresses like Shaggy and has a Mystery Machine that Mercedes fixes for free (so that the vampires don’t eat her). In this world, the Fae, the vampires, the werewolves, and the *insert all other magical creatures here* manage to get along.

In the first book you are introduced to werewolf life and the life of Mercedes who is on the outside looking in. You meet Adam, the hot werewolf next door who was born in the 40’s, and therefore, the perfect gentleman. You also meet Sam, Mercy’s first love and grade A douchebag.  He’s also a werewolf (and a doctor) who wanted to marry Mercy for her ability to have his children. Gross.

Adam has a daughter, Jessie, who adds a delightful fun element to the books. Throughout the next 4-5 books you meet the pack, the Fae, and, eventually, Mercy’s real family.

But seriously, these books are dark. Bad things happen in every single one. Mercy gets raped in one of the books. It’s intense. You find out that one of the werewolves was abused as a child. The vampires have menageries of humans. It’s creepy. If you aren’t bothered by creepy than I’d recommend the books.

My favorite characters are Warren and Ben, both werewolves. Warren is a typically cowboy, except he’s gay. He’s one of Mercy’s only friends at the beginning and he’s a sweetheart. Ben is BRITISH! And a complete jerk. But he’s snarky and says things like:

“His heart’s occupied elsewhere,” said Ben from behind me. “And even if it weren’t he’s not interested in your kind. But, I’m available and ready.”
“You don’t have a heart,” I told him.” Just a gaping hole where it should have been.”
“All the more reason for you to give me yours.”
I pounded my forehead against Warren ‘s back.”Tell me Ben’s not flirting with me.”
“Hey,” said Ben sounding hurt. “I was talking cannibalism, not romance.”

Isn’t he great?

So overall I enjoy the series, but they are pretty dark and scary. So don’t read them if you don’t think you can handle it.


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