I don’t know about you, but I constantly think about this as I’m reading. Or listening. So this challenge, hosted by Pretty Deadly Reviews, to make a movie cast of my current read is at least partially easy.

I’m going to do Happy Ever After…so here they are: TA-DA!

Parker: Diane Kruger has the low voice and the perfect “Back off” kind of attitude that Parker has at the beginning.

Mal: Okay, this honestly took me FOREVER. I needed to find a hot actor who didn’t have a sweet smile and looked like if he were covered in grease he’d still be hot. I know, I know, most people would be like, “There are tons of those out there!” But none looked or talked like Mal. I wanted a man who would look right at home on a motorcycle with a leather jacket. And also, one that would look GREAT next to Diane Kruger. I’m settling for Cam Gigandet. He’s almost perfect. I think he’s a little too young, but whatever.

Del: Josh Duhamel. Yup. I picked him for the lawyer. For the goody-two-shoes. Why? Because I can just picture him saying, “How’s my Macadamia?” Honestly, he’s versatile enough that I think he’d do well in a not-bad-boy role.

Laurel: Piper Perabo would make a decent Laurel. Actually I think she’d be a lot of fun to watch. (I’m warming to her…)

Mac: Isla Fisher was the first and only person I could see in this role. Weird? Yeah, a little.

Carter: Who better to play the dorky English teacher than Justin Bartha? He’s awkwardly cute and so is Carter…

Emma: So I know that Emmaline isn’t Asian, but I couldn’t think of anyone else for the part of the bubbly florist except Lindsay Price. I loved her in Lipstick Jungle and I think that she’d do a fantastic job in this role.

Jack: Jake Gyllenhaal. He was my first and only Jack. I think he’s perfect.

Mrs. G: Blythe Danner is the perfect Mrs Grady. She looks like one of those “I can by totally in charge” women.


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