Here’s a limerick. And a scene. And whatever else you want.

Okay, today’s bookish challenges from Bout of Books are fun, so I’m dedicating a separate post to CHALLENGES.

The first one is hosted by Curiosity Killed the Bookworm and is all about limericks. My challenge was to write a bookish limerick. So here it is:

Once upon a time in a bookish book land

There was a green giant with a very small hand.

There was no cure to be found

So he fell from his cloud

And started a really cool band.

Yeah…no one said it had to be good. But basically I think it rocks.

The second challenge comes from Grammarian Reviews. The challenge is to relocate the characters in the book you are currently reading…I’m listening to The Hobbit. Okay, you know you’ve thought of it too. All of the cast of The Hobbit are now at HOGWARTS. Bilbo would get kind of confused and probably befriend Hermione. He does have that Tookish part of him and I think it would be awakened by Hogwarts. Gandalf and Dumbledore would be best friends and the dwarves? Thorin would probably be all, “Kill Voldy and, Malfoy, shut up!” Kili and Fili would bond with Fred and George and there would be NO END TO THE MISCHIEF! Basically choas would reign. It would be awesome.

The third challenge is from Once Upon a Time, and looks like a bunch of fun. I am to write a CHARACTER INTERACTION. You pick two characters from different works of fiction and have them converse. I think I shall have Miss Pettigrew from Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day meet Silk from David Eddings’s The Belgariad series.

Silk crept up to the large house, sloshing in the rain. It was a beauty and he knew that it wouldn’t take much to get inside, but he had heard about the treasures inside and wanted to see for himself. He leapt through the window and found himself in a richly furnished room. A thin, slightly haggard woman walked in with a tray. When she spotted Silk she dropped the tray and screamed. He smiled and bowed.


“Who-I-I-I mean, what are you doing here!” Miss Pettigrew wasn’t expecting any sort of disruption and she didn’t stand for that sort of thing. And having a man like this appear out of nowhere, well that was not to be tolerated. Nick had tried something of the kind a while back, trying to win Delisia back and she had soon set him to right.

“Well, it looked so comfortable from the outside. Surely you wouldn’t begrudge a man a little rest from the rain.” He added a flirty wink. He had no trouble charming any women.

“I certainly can! This is the house of my dear friend, Miss Lafosse, and I am quite certain that she would find it highly improper for you to be here.”

“Oh. Miss Lafosse. Yes, ordinarily she would, but I have heard of her famous hospitality.” It was true. He had.

“She is hospitable, to those that make an appointment. You will have to go.” She crossed her arms and tried to put that expression on her face that seemed to scare all the young men.

Silk didn’t want to admit that this old bat was kind of scary; he wanted a look at the safe. “I’m sorry,” he became serious, “but I can’t leave. Not yet.” He loosened the knives from their sheaths on his wrists.

Miss Pettigrew saw that this would take an uncivilized touch. She grabbed the fire poker and pointed it at him.

“Now see here, I don’t know who you are or what you want, but I certainly shall hit you with this and I assure you it will be an unpleasant experience.”

And then they would fight. But I don’t want to write that. So there you go. Pettigrew v. Silk. WHO WOULD WIN? Well, I’m not actually sure. Silk is gentleman and wouldn’t want to hurt her, and she wouldn’t want to hurt him, so I think Silk would probably just leave and come back later.

Those are the challenges! I can’t wait to read character interactions…I enjoyed writing this (though it isn’t all that grand) and I think that it’ll be fun.


11 thoughts on “Here’s a limerick. And a scene. And whatever else you want.

  1. Jo says:

    Thought your Limmerick was great! And i love your blog header, the books are beautiful! Good luck with the rest of you goals and happy reading 😀


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