I wasn’t running late, but I didn’t want to miss the bus, so I pretended I was. I had gulped down my tea while getting ready. I waited impatiently for my english muffin to pop out of the toaster with a knife loaded with the delicious garlic herb butter from the farmer’s market. I quickly scraped the butter over the muffin, wrapped it in the paper towel, grabbed the peach, and ran out the door. My iPhone played Serendipity, a salsa flamenca song, and I danced my way down the stairs and out into the summer morning. The sun wasn’t too bright today, and a gentle breeze made its way through the streets, tousling my hair.

I smiled. Mornings weren’t usually this…ideal. I walked through my beautiful, brick-cobbled alley and walked past the little garden to my bus stop. No one was there yet, so I sat and arranged my purse so that my ID was on top and my bus pass was easy to grab. Then I just sat back, enjoying the sun and the wind. A few minutes later the bus pulled up and there were seats! Normally I had to stand and was inevitably crushed by all the bodies around me. Not today! I sat near the front and pulled out Unseduced and Unshaken by Dr. Rosalie DeRosset from my bag. I was halfway through chapter one and wanted to finish. I lost track of the time as I read her insights on Jane Eyre and when I finally finished the chapter we were three stops from Chestnut. I put the book back and pulled the cord. As I stepped off Bethany Dillon started singing and I hummed along as I crossed LaSalle and walked into the Arch. I took the stairs and walked into my office.

Trisha was there and I smiled and said good morning, unusual for me. Usually it takes me anywhere from ten to fifty minutes to get to the point of speaking to my coworkers. She smiled back and we talked about her week at camp. As I listened I bit into my english muffin and thought, This has been a perfect morning.


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