It’s time we talked about the Kanes

Ever since I discovered Percy Jackson, I’ve loved Rick Riordan. My love of mythology and adventure led me to his other series, The Kane Chronicles. It explores Egyptian mythology (which pre-dates the Greeks). I’ll go through book by book and give you Pros and Cons. I got the audiobooks for each (which was better, I think, than reading them; I’ll explain why) so my experiences are different from those that read them…

The Red Pyramid

Carter and Sadie are awkwardly reunited as sister and brother when their father is entombed by Set, the god of evil in Egyptian mythology. What follows is a crazy mess involving cats, gods, swords, magic and a dash of romance…


As the first book of the series, this started with the introduction to the characters. And it took FOREVER. Somehow, something that should have taken maybe one to four chapters took almost half the book. It dragged too long for me, though maybe it’s because I listened to the books, but I often faded in and out; it didn’t keep my attention. Both of the kids seem kind of whiny, which makes sense to a degree. They have been thrust into a world they know little about and are expected to act like adults…that’s not normal and probably difficult. It just annoyed me.


Okay, as hard as it was to keep my attention at the beginning, I enjoyed listening to it because the book was written as a transcript of a recording by the Kane kids. So listening to it actually made sense.  I liked the narrators too. They played well off each other. After the dull bits, the plot picked up as well. I enjoyed the ending a lot. The action was well done and I feel like Riordan did a great job of leaving off at the good bits. The story alternates between Carter and Sadie. Some chapters are Carter and some are Sadie. Carter left off once on the ground about to die. It was definitely more exciting.

Lovely fan art by theinkgirl on deviantart

The Throne of Fire

After they got rid of Set, the Kane kids sent out a message to other kids who are magicians to train them. They create a school and come up with a brilliant plan to defeat Apophas…aka Chaos. They have to bring back Ra, the sun god, but he’s not as strong as he once was.


Once again, there were parts that dragged. Also, in the pro section I’ll contradict myself a little…but the romance in the book was slightly unbelievable. Mainly because we’re talking about 13 and 14-year-olds. They weren’t really old enough to have a serious love interest, and that’s what it came across as. In the Percy Jackson series, Percy was at least 15 before anything more than a crush surfaced between him and Annabeth. It was a bit far-fetched. About halfway through the book, I decided to ignore it and just enjoy the story.


I really liked the romance between Sadie and Walt. It was super cute and I was glad that she wasn’t falling for Annubis, the death god. The action was good and the story plodded along at a significantly quicker pace than the first. I think this was my favorite book over all, but my favorite part was in the third book. I also loved the addition of Bes. He’s one of my favorite characters (FYI, Sadie is definitely my favorite…more on this later).

Bookmarks from Rick Riordan’s site

The Serpent’s Shadow

Having failed to find an all-powerful sun god (they found one that was decrepit instead), Sadie and Carter must find a new way to defeat Apophas…and it involves secret that the gods prefer hidden.


There weren’t many cons. Parts were dull, but most of it was good. I actually cried when Bes came back. I was super upset about Walt/Annubis, but I got over it by the end.


By this book, I loved Sadie. Sadie sounded just like my little sister, Marissa. I loved it. My favorite scene in the series involves Sadie, Walt, Nieth, and Jelly Babies. You’ll have to read it. But every time I think of it, I crack up! I love it. Also, now that everyone is older, the romance doesn’t seem so far-fetched. I liked the happy ending. Also, I LOVED that “mysterious magics” and “other gods” were mentioned. THE GREEKS! I still love them more, so I got super excited. A couple of Aphrodite’s daughters make a guest appearance and I squealed. It was a good ending to the series.

I loved that Felix summoned penguins. It was awesome.

Overall I really liked the series, but I still favor Percy and the Greeks/Romans. I’m freaking out about the next Heroes of Olympus book that comes out on October 2nd; The Mark of Athena. Oh yeah.


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