Three Years. Oy vay.

Today, July 7, 2012, is my blog’s three year anniversary. Congratulations me! I’ve been doing this for three years. Crazy.

I don’t really have any deep insights or words of wisdom about blogging. I decided a little while ago to write well and write often. This is my outlet for all things, most especially books. I honestly don’t know what I would do without this blog.

If you hadn’t noticed yet, I changed my theme again. I like my old one, but I really wanted the scrolling picture thing to highlight some of my favorite posts. So I picked a theme that was made specifically for weddings. Go figure. I hope you like it and don’t hate me for switching it again. I know I’m typically fickle about these things.

This next year will, in all probability, be the scariest, hardest year of my life. So I hope that this blog will give me a ray of sunshine in my dreary world.

Here are pictures of things that make me happy. Enjoy.

This is a baby corgi. Corgis are my favorite dogs ever. 😀

Here are a bunch of Greek gods and goddesses. They’re pretty cool. Mythology makes me happy.

I explore my delight in the new movie coming out in December in a previous post, but The Hobbit gets me excited!

I love first editions. I also love Jane Austen. These are first editions of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, Austen’s last two books. First editions encourage me and leave me with the hope that I could have one too someday.

This is a journal made by Immortal Longings (there’s a shop on Etsy). She/he does these beautiful illustrations of Shakespeare plays and I love them. This is the one for The Tempest, which is my favorite. One day, I’m going to get this journal.

So that’s all I really have for you. I hope that your 4th of July was fantastic and that you continue reading this beautiful blog. Oh, and here’s my summer song. Cheers!


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