Every movie that I’ve watched has to do with longing. And TV show for that matter.

I’m a pretty big Joss Whedon fan. Not as crazy as some, but I have rewatched the entire season of Firefly many many times. So I started watching Dollhouse recently, mainly because I was bored. The show is about a future where we can wipe people’s personalities and give them new ones. Not just personalities either, but talents… The main character is Echo/Caroline and her love interest is Paul Ballard. He is seeking to bring the Dollhouse down with a ferocity that is kind of intense. He becomes almost obsessed and he only has one face to find – Caroline’s. Eventually she falls for him (I’m assuming…I haven’t actually gotten that far) but he is in love with her for a long time before that. He waits and bides his time. And he longs for the day when he can be with her. It’s full of angst.

The cast of Dollhouse…

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies ever. One of the reasons it’s so good is the sense of longing that both the hero and the heroine have. They remembered a better time when they were in love and happy. They want it back; they long for it. But that wish is never fulfilled. The whole movie is about them battling their urges and trying to do what’s right. (Well, Rick anyway.)

I know it’s somewhat shallow, but I love their hats.

Daddy Long Legs is a Fred Astaire movie about a billionaire who sponsors a french girl so she can get educated in America. She falls in love with her mysterious benefactor without knowing who he is. Jervis (Astaire) finally meets her, without letting on that he ‘s the one who is her “guardian” and they fall in love. However, Jervis made a deal with the American ambassador to France that he wouldn’t get romantically involved with the girl and the ambassador overhears a romantic breakfast between the two. He talks “sense” into Jervis by reminding him that their age difference might make things…awkward. So Jervis goes away, trying to do the right thing, and pines over his lady-love from other locations. He doesn’t realize that she’s pining over him too.  It’s almost heartbreaking.

Oh, I really do love this man. Regardless of the fact that he was 58 when this filmed.

I plan on watching Dr. Zhivago, which is a movie of longing (from what I hear). They don’t make movies like they used to. Joss Whedon seems to understand it, but few film makers/writers do.



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