The Peach Keeper

Sarah Addison has a way of creating characters that you like and don’t like at the same time. The Peach Keeper was fantastic. I did it as part of the Sarah Addison Allen Challenge, which instructed me to read books and make food. Two of my favorite things. I started with Sugar Queen and ended up reading Peach Keeper, because I’ve read the first before. I liked it; it got me hooked on S. A. A, but I knew what was going to happen (sort of, it was hazy).

I really enjoyed the two women that The Peach Keeper revolved around. They are deeply flawed characters. Willa did some rebellious things and now refuses to jot even a little out of line. Paxton is a control freak. When they meet, they’re messed up. Both have a love interest. Willa gets Colin, Paxton’s brother. And Pax, poor Pax, is in love with her best friend whom she believes to be gay.

Pax and Willa are thrown together when a peach tree is removed from a hotel, The Blue Madam, and a body is found. Willa’s family used to own the hotel. Paxton’s family bought it and Pax is renovating it. The discovery of the body leads to a whole lot of questions, and a story that dates back to both the girls’ grandmothers.

I really enjoyed it! I was pretty much yelling at Pax the whole time, because it’s almost clear (only a little murky, really) that Sebastian is NOT gay! Or maybe I was just hoping that he wasn’t. And also, she was still living with her parents. MOVE OUT ALREADY! I have little tolerance for 30-year-olds (or older) who still live at home (unless they OWN the home and are letting their parents stay there, that’s being a good kid).

For my recipe, I made a sandwich fromSugar Queen: the three cheese and tomato sandwich. I died. And realized that God did love us, and that’s why he gave us cheese and basil. YUM! I have made one of these sandwiches at least once a week since I initially made one (so like six or seven times? I don’t know).

Basically, you take two pieces of bread and coat the outside with olive oil. Then you put on your three cheeses: colby, pepper jack, and regular cheddar. Then you add the tomato and basil and grill it up. IT’S SO GOOD! The first time I made it, I had no cheddar. So I used gouda and swiss. And that was just as good. I recently obtained the cheeses necessary, but I think you could make this with any cheese and it would be delectable.


My first sandwich…with delicious tomato parmesan soup. YUM!


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