Elf-Friends: It started with Bilbo

So this post is dedicated to my freakish excitement over the movie adaption of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Richard Armitage is possibly my FAVORITE British actor. Ever since his role as John Thornton in North and South, I’ve been swooning and the new trailer made me swoon all over again. The man sings. He SINGS! Armitage https://i0.wp.com/cdn2-b.examiner.com/sites/default/files/styles/image_full_width_scaled/hash/5d/c6/richard-armitage-thorin-oakenshield_0.jpgplays THORIN OAKENSHIELD, the dwarf who leads the little escapade to steal treasure. Thorin was my favorite character in the books and nothing could possibly make me happier than Armitage being cast in the role. And he sings. It’s a beautiful thing.

Martin Freeman recently made his way into my good graces as Watson in the show Sherlock (in which Benedict Cumberbatch laid claim to the affections of females everywhere). When I discovered that he was the young Bilbo, I was excited. I like Martin Freeman. He is an excellent actor and I think he’ll be good in the role.

Speaking of Benedict Cumberbatch…he’s the voice of Smaug. You know, the dragon? Unfortunately we won’t get to see him until The Hobbit: There and Back Again (actually we won’t see him at all…but we’ll hear him. :D).

And I’ll briefly mention Lee Pace. Who is King Thranduil. THRANDUIL. King of Mirkwood. Father of Legolas. Not that I’m excited or anything. My serious lack of verbs may have clued you in to that.

The dwarves all seem perfect and seeing Gandalf (aka Ian McKellan) again did my heart good.

The actors aren’t the only reason I’m excited. When they redid the set of Hobbiton for this movie they made it permanent. Last time they did the set it was something that was “easily” taken down. This time they went through and actually built Hobbiton. For the tourists and freaks. Like me. And a couple other people I know (like my sister Brianna, Emily, Rachel, etc). That makes it possible for me to actually visit a fictional world.

I’m happy that they are attempting to include all of the aspects of the book. I hope that there will be serious tension between the dwarves and the elves (cause it isn’t fixed until Legolas and Gimli become bosom buddies), that the trolls will be comically scary and that the journey will be just as magical as I remember.

The Hobbit was the reason that my first email address started with “elf_friend”. The Hobbit was the reason I started reading fantasy at all. And Tolkien won me over to reading quite easily. My dad read it to me (the actors still can’t trump his voice in my head when I read it).  And now it’ s finally coming to the big screen. I’ll leave you with this funny image that I quote quite often:


5 thoughts on “Elf-Friends: It started with Bilbo

  1. pipst says:

    Don’t forget Aidan Turner as Kili! The twins have always been my favorite, and he’s gorgeous! And I pretty much agree with you on everything else 🙂 oh, and I told Ben we are goin somewhere awesome when I graduate with my masters. It’s between New Zealand and Britain. Go figure right?


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