Overwhelmed, Underwhelmed, Whelmed?

“Whelm” – To cover with water; submerge.

Yes, overwhelm and whelm mean the same thing. But I like saying it the way it was meant to. I’ve read a few posts this week from Life Unmasked. And I feel that I should be honest. This past week was difficult. I was whelmed. I was capsized.

Andie got married. And I felt like I was put on the back burner by everyone. I was in desperate need of love, but I only got encouragement from two people, neither of whom were physically present. I felt like a burden. I was alone and no one cared about my struggles.

But then, I started getting random texts; Andie texted me from her honeymoon. It wasn’t about anything important, but things that obviously reminded her of me. And I spent some time with a dear friend, who I felt distant from. And Luci gave me a hug. And I had lunch with Skyler. And slowly, as the week went on, I gained an overwhelming sense of joy.

Last Thursday I was stressed, trying to figure out money issues and transportation details. I was feeling lonely and slightly depressed. This Thursday, God showed me that people care, if only in little ways. I still feel alone. It’s difficult not to when all of my friends are gone or busy most days, but I know that there’s at least one person out there that’s looking out for me…and He’s the important one.

I would like to note that Andie’s wedding was so beautiful and I was so blessed to be there. I cried several times and the Anglican service was lovely. Also, I felt needed, as I served pie and lit all the candles. 😉 The band was great, the toasts were wonderful. I’m so happy for her and Collin.


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