Egyptian mythology

I had no idea that Egyptian mythology is so…gripping. I’m still a Greek at heart, but I’m really enjoyingThe Red Pyramid and learning about it. That’s one of the reason that I enjoy Rick Riordan’s work. It’s educational and entertaining.

The magic made me laugh a little. Harry Potter was a huge issue in the country because of the magic element, but Rick Riordan’s form is okay, I guess. I haven’t heard of any churches banning his books.

I’m really enjoying all the names in this book. Like Face of Horror, or God of Blood and Wine. It’s good.

Now, enjoy this fan art that I found via Google:


2 thoughts on “Egyptian mythology

  1. pipst says:

    I love Egyptian mythology but I like the Percy Jackson books better. I guess because I have read books on actual Egyptian history, I don’t did them as compelling, whereas withy Percy Jackson, I just hav a basic knowledge so I’m learning as I go.


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