Summer Reading Challenges. WOO!

Every year it delights me to take part in reading challenges. I love being part of a community that loves reading as much as I do, and it encourages me to read different things. This summer, since I’ll have more free time, I joined four different challenges.

Historical Fiction Challenge

Every year Historical Tapestry hosts this challenge. I joined this last year, but hope to actually stay on top of it, at least for the summer. I’m going for Struggling Addiction: 10 books. I want to read 10 NEW historical fiction books in the next three months. I’m excited. If I don’t make it, it’s not a big deal, but I would really like to blog about each book that I read, if that’s possible.

Empty that Shelf June Challenge


This challenge is hosted by Blethering About Books. I have over a dozen books on my shelf that need to be read and some of them overlap into the Historical Fiction challenge. Basically for the first two weeks of June, I’m reading books I already have but haven’t gotten a chance to read yet. I’m excited because I’m starting with Life of Pi.

Semi-Charmed Summer 2012 Book Challenge

Semi-Charmed Summer Book Challenge

The rules and points for this challenge are here…it’s a bit confusing to explain. Basically I’m reading new material, which is always good. Props to Semi-Charmed Kind of Life for this challenge though, I’m excited. (I may have already broken the rules though…)

The Sarah Addison Allen Challenge

Sarah Addison Allen is a quirky author and I love her. Her style is unique and I love her use of food in her books. So this challenge is perfect for me. The goal is to read one of her books and then create a recipe inspired by the book or from her website and then blog about it. Pretty simple. The best part is that, prior to finding this, I picked up Sugar Queen from the library. So I’m set. I’m really excited to cook!


One thought on “Summer Reading Challenges. WOO!

  1. Megan Stroup says:

    Thanks for joining my challenge! I know it is a little confusing, but I really appreciate everyone coming back to check in each week. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been so much fun to host! And don’t let me hear about you breaking any more rules….. Haha. Good luck!


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