The Sword of Shannara vs. LOTR

There is, apparently, much anger from Tolkien-lovers about this series (The Sword of Shannara) which may (or may not) be the exact same plot as The Lord of the Rings. I’m going to find out. I started it and I am excited to read another epic quest. I’ve read Rowling, Tolkien, Eddings, Lewis, Goodkind, etc and I despaired of finding another series that goes on forever. But I found one! So now I will compare and contrast and figure out whether or not the rumors are true. Enjoy this Sword of Shannara fan art that I found via Google. šŸ˜‰

It does look a bit like LOTR, but let’s not judge a book by its fan art…


4 thoughts on “The Sword of Shannara vs. LOTR

  1. Dennis Anderson says:

    You are going to love this series. I have read them all, some of them twice, and am looking forward to the next series that is released this August. enjoy!


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