Spring Break 2012….No Regrets: Week 1

Last week Em and I took a little road trip up to my house in Colorado (or down to, because it’s South of Chicago, but I say up, because it’s higher in altitude). We did lots of fun things, but on Friday I was struck by how little time I spent with my family, because MJ and Grace were at school most of the time. 😦

We started out by meeting some Moody boys on the road: Evan, Sam, Johnny, and Zach. They were off to Grand Junction to do crazy things. We picnicked at Walmart, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drinking Capri Suns. Then we went our separate ways. Em and I stopped in Omaha and the boys kept driving.

We did many things in the Springs, but my favorite day was Friday. On Thursday we discovered that Bethany Kay was in the Springs too! There was happiness all around. So Friday, we picked up Bethany, ate lunch, and headed out to Garden of the Gods via Barnes and Noble. With our newly purchased books, we found a nice rock and read and talked for a couple hours. It was delightful sunny. Then some guy came and threatened us with a $500 fine if we didn’t get off. We scrambled down amidst laughter and complaint and returned to the car.

Em and I made a trip to USAFA during their primary hazing week (thought they can’t call it that) and saw some sorry freshies wearing togas. Poor things had their clothes stolen by upper class men. It made me giggle.

We also played three out of the five Trivial Pursuits that my family own. On our way back we listened to A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We were on edge the whole time. We paused every five seconds with new hypotheses and theories as to what happened and why. Em would yell, “Pause, pause, pause!” and we’d be off in our conjectures. It was fantastic.

And that was week 1 of Spring Break.


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