L is For the Way You Look at Me…

When I was nine or so and lived in Colorado my friend Amy had a birthday party. Amy was a good deal older (she still is) and I was the youngest person in attendance. I had a blast. We split up into two teams and each created a dance for a song/a skit of some sort. I don’t remember if my team did a skit, or if their team did a song. I do remember what our song was: L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole, although I think the version we used was from The Parent Trap. We created a dance and I still remember it. I can’t think of a more appropriate time to break it out than Valentine’s Day.

I always go back and forth on V Day. Good day or bad day? My mother, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, lurves V Day. To her it is an expression of love to everyone, not just your romantic person. I’ve adopted that attitude this year. I have so many friends that dislike this holiday because it’s commercialized or they’re single, or whatever. But this year I’m determined to enjoy myself. And I think that I will.

History lesson: according to Wikipedia and my most excellent memory, Valentinus was a martyr during the days of Rome. Christians were not allowed to marry under Roman law at the time, but Valentinus ignored the law and married them anyway. (Hey, what God has joined together let no man pull asunder…) He was arrested and imprisoned and Claudius took a liking to him. But when he tried to convert the emperor he was sentenced to death. He was stoned and beaten, but didn’t die and so was beheaded. This is the earliest recollection of a Valentine(us) in history. If you want to read the other version visit the Wikipedia page. I’m not sure how I know this, but I do remember that the romantic part of Valentine’s Day was started by that brilliant wit, Geoffrey Chaucer. He, supposedly, made the whole thing up. (Take that, those of you who thought Hallmark invented it…Hallmark really is too stupid to invent a holiday like V Day. They can only take advantage.) When I think about guys like St. Valentinus, I’m floored by their commitment to the faith. Would I have the courage to stand up to a Roman emperor and tell him about Christ? Would I defy the law and do what God called me to? I hope so…

Also associated with Valentine’s Day, especially since I live in Chicago, is the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Seven gang members were murdered; the hit was ordered by Al Capone. It happened a couple blocks from Moody. Supposedly, there were four shooters, two dressed as police officers. The North Side gang was rumored to be stealing liquor shipments from Capone. Apparently this was the beginning of the end for Capone.

These are the things to ponder on a lovely day… Remember to give out lots of hugs today, reader, for it’s a day to give love. 😀


One thought on “L is For the Way You Look at Me…

  1. Colleen Thorsen says:

    I missed calling you. Love the history lesson! I am so proud of you, and by the way, you look beautiful. Love the fact that you have your Daddy’s dimples.


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