Founder’s Week Detox

I worked like crazy this past week. But I met the most wonderful people. Mrs. Beverly Frowner was one of them.

Ms. Beverly (as I called her all week) was an evening school student and the last day of Founder’s Week she told me her life story. The woman is amazing. She came here, and eventually went to France with George Verwer. It was his first missions trip. Instead of returning with the rest of the students, she went down to Germany to meet her fiance, Webster, and they got married twice; once by the Germans and once by the Americans. She’s been to several Olympics in the past 16 years or so: Australia, Greece, Utah, Canada, and she’ll be in London this year. She doesn’t go to see the events though; she goes to witness and spread the love of God. She goes to meet people and to make connections with them. She’s also been to Israel four times, twice with Moody. She told me about how she was on a bus with several Jewish people, as well as the Moody team, and she got up right then and there and read Isaiah 53 to everyone. She said the bus was so silent, you could feel the Spirit of God. Not only has she traveled like crazy, she taught at a Christian school for 25 years. She currently teaches Sunday School and Awana. I want to be just like her.

Ms. Beverly wasn’t the only person I met during Founder’s Week. I met a woman who reminded me of my mom. And I met a man who was…sad. The speakers were excellent. I was really convicted by Francis Chan. After he spoke, I was up with my dearest Ashley late talking, confessing sin, radiating in the power of the Spirit, praising our wonderful Maker and Redeemer. It was so good. However, by Friday, I was fried. Ravi Zacharias held no charm for me. In fact, I wasn’t sure he was speaking English. But then, I am not that great at Apologetics.

I continue to pray for those I met and my friends, that we will digest Founder’s week and be able to apply what we learned to every day life. It is difficult to go so high, and to relish such spiritual moments, and then settle gently back into routine. More often than not, you crash and bruise yourself a little.

Until next time, dear reader…


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