Today is the first day of February and of Black History Month and of the busiest month of my life. This week is full of birthdays. So Happy Birthday to three of the most wonderful people in my life. Micah’s birthday is today (YAY! 22!). Rachel Trent turns an old age on the second (HAPPY BIRFDAY!) and my beloved older sister turns 23 on the 3rd.

Normally February 3rd is a day of remembering that my older sister is older. 😀 However, this year, it will be a day of stress. I have two pretty major things due on Friday. First, I’m the class leader in the discussion on the Orthodox church’s view of the Incarnation. If you know anything about me, you know I don’t do well when someone forces me to speak in front of large rooms. It makes me nervous. So that will happen and then my copy and pictures for the magazine are due. *deep breath* I’m concerned that I messed something up. But after Friday, it will be over. And then I get to start all over again. Bright note on this Friday: in honor of Brianna, I’m visiting the Art Institute. I’m going with Skyler; I haven’t seen much of him lately, so I’m excited. Yay!

Next week is Founder’s Week. My very last one. Also, my busiest one. The Alumni Association are crazy busy with events and banquets and helping alum that visit. I’ve never experienced an AA Founder’s Week, but I’ve been told it’s practically chaotic. I’ll be excited when this is over.

Happy February!


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