The Crazy, The Dread, and The Drama

All of these things seem to make up my being. I’m crazy, full of dread and drama. I can feel the bile rising in my throat when I think of my job. I usually love my job. It’s a bit like being a detective and I enjoy writing up little blurbs about people. However, my deadline is in a week and I’m FREAKIN’ OUT!

The crazy is one thing that I can’t fight off during times like these. It creeps up into me and just kind of takes over. I go a little insane when under pressure. I freak out and do things that normal people don’t do. Like dance in the street. And sing really loudly everywhere. And talk to people that aren’t there. If that’s not crazy I don’t know what is. (Although some would say that it’s my illustrious and abundant imagination…I just see the story, or parts of it anyway).

The dread comes then. Dread that I won’t finish in time. Have you seen Dane Cook’s crying routine? He talks about hysterical crying and how when you cry like that you latch on to a phrase, such as “I did my best.” My phrase during this part is “I’ll never finish.” I don’t cry, not physically, but the dread creeps up my spine and invades my eyes so I feel like crying. It snakes into my brain, taking the crazy and amplifying it so I get just a little crazier.

Then come the drama. When you’re crazy, drama is inevitable. However, when the dread slinks in, the drama decides that it wants to play too. And then I freak out publicly and everyone tells me how dramatic I am.

This is my cycle when I have a lot to do. And now you know. Farewell, Reader.


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