It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Today is Christmas (in case you didn’t know) and I’m going to list my top twenty favorite things (or people) in the whole world, in no particular order. Ready? GO!

  1. My new Tea Shirt from Threadless. Luci has the same one, but I love it. Brianna got it for me. She waited until there was a reprint. She’s the best.
  2. My family. We’ve had some interesting times today (we got a Xbox Kinect) but I love them. They’re definitely my favorite.
  3. External hard drives. I found out that I have to rewrite my 4000 word paper, but you know, I’m really glad that I have a 2 TB external hard drive. Definitely a favorite.
  4. My friends. Nick bought me a Mars Bar and Disney Dough. Emily got me two beautiful books. Danica got me the most gorgeous scarf ever. But that’s not why I love them. I love ALL (yes, ALL) my friends because they’re awesome in lots of different little ways. I’m so happy that they’re all in my life. FAVORITE!
  5. Diffusers. I love hair diffusers because they don’t frizz my hair and allow me to dry it before I go out into the cold.
  6. Books. They’re obviously my favorite. I got Grace two books and two hats for Christmas. Marissa got five books. Yup. I was a little obsessed.
  7. Disney Princesses. Specifically Belle. Disney princesses are my favorite, but Belle is my favorite Disney princess. So she’s the favoritist favorite. I got a puzzle from Grace with Disney princesses on it.
  8. Sherlock Holmes. MY FAVORITE CRIME FIGHTER! Yes, I certainly love all the crime fighters: superheroes (Superman), cops (Rizzoli and Isles. For the moment), detectives, etc. But Sherlock is the best. Hands down. No matter what time period, which actor, which co-star, he dominates every time. Way to go, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  9. My Kindle. I got it for my birthday and I love it. It enables me to carry many many books without the weight of the paper in my suitcase.
  10. Cough Drops. This may seem silly, but I’ve been sick lately. And even if I hadn’t , I really do love cough drops. A quote: “True love is the greatest thing in all the world. Except for cough drops.” (The Princess Bride by William Goldman)
  11. Classics. Whether in book or movie form (preferably book) I love the classics. Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Gaskell, Dickens, P. G. Wodehouse: I love them like none other. I realize that this is the third time I’ve mentioned books. I love them that much.
  12. Scrivener. The best app ever for writing. I love it a lot. The index cards, the outline form, the notes that you can add in the margins, these things make me happy when I write. I don’t really like any other writing software. FAV!
  13. The Piano. The best instrument for everything. I can’t play well, but I love to try. I also love listening to the piano. It’s my favorite (the harp is my second favorite to listen to).
  14. “Psychic” detectives. Sherlock may be my favorite crime fighter, but “psychic” detectives are my favorite kind of detective. If you’re scratching your head at this, please stop. I’m only human (I can have two conflicting emotions at the same time. -Alphas). The not-so-psychics I refer to here are, of course, Shawn Spencer and Patrick Jane. Both brilliant, both funny. However, one has gone through severe tragedy and quit pretending to be psychic and one hasn’t and only just started. 😀
  15. Fossil. Best brand for purses and wallets. I’m just now getting rid of a purse I had for three years…and I probably won’t get rid of it. I love it. A lot. But my mom bought me a new one for Christmas 😀 Yay!
  16. Typewriters. Nuff said.
  17. Clean desks. All last semester, my desk failed to remain clean. It made me sad. This upcoming semester, I fully intend to hold fast for my favorite kind of desk: the clean one. I love sitting at a desk and writing. It’s my favorite.
  18. Music. Favorite. 😀
  19. French. I like french bread, the language, Nutella, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre. French’s mustard (although that’s a bit different).
  20. I know this isn’t exactly a favorite, but I’m saving the best for last. This Christmas season I was sick and nothing forces you to face the things you hate about yourself like sickness. Your body is doing nasty things, you’re constantly in a foul mood, everyone is nice to you causing you to hate yourself (cause you treat them horribly) and you’re up for hours and hours at night because you can’t breath due to that nasty sinus infection you have. I have not been a nice person lately. But this morning everyone woke up and for a few short hours we enjoyed giving. Getting presents is not my favorite. In fact, I put off opening presents (I was Santa this year and got to hand out presents) so I could give people what I bought them. Giving gifts is awesome and I just wanted to recognize that none of us could truly enjoy Christmas without the abundance of grace that God gave us. So, as cliche as it sounds and maybe is, Jesus is my favorite. I’m so glad that we get this holiday to remember that He came to give us something that we can’t buy, something that we ought to remember and treasure every day: Himself. His sacrifice gave us grace, love, hope, joy, peace, and healing.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the day!


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