What is this RUMPUS?

Do you know Professor Snape, from Potter Puppet Pals? Well, props to him for the quote from which my title derives. I am tired today. Tired of school, tired of work, tired of being in one place. I want to move. I want to dance. I want to write and write and write forever. I finished the first act of my play for my script-writing class. I understand now why critique groups are so important. I want these people to be around me forever. They point out the obvious flaws in my writing and can give me praise that is actually founded in fact. (I don’t mind when people tell me I’m a good writer if they have actually READ MY WRITING and know what they’re talking about. I know that friends and family mean well, but I also know that they’re obligated to tell me how awesome I am.) My afternoon class is Dramatic Literature and Scriptwriting and right after that I go to work. And all I do at work is desperately wish I could be writing my script and making changes. I’m tired of doing things to get a degree; I want to do what I love for the rest of my life.

I am going to spend my entire winter break reading books and writing plays. And rewriting. And rewriting some more. And reading. I think my next post will be my winter break list of things that I want to do. It will probably be long and of things that I won’t actually get done, but it’ll be good for me. I’m worried about being home with nothing to do for three weeks, so having a list of things I can do that will be productive will be a helpful thing to have.

In other news, my flight back to Chicago was a delight. I was on a flight with two legs: the first brought us to Minneapolis, the second to Chicago. Our flight attendants were sassy and willing to be absolutely ridiculous to entertain our plane. A child’s shoe was found and they went around asking all the men if they’d lost a shoe. The flight was one of the bumpiest, turbulent flights I’d been on ever, but the pilot was brilliant and brought us through with ease. Apparently he was a newer pilot and the stewardess’s teased him mercilessly, but they all had fun. Because of the bumpy flight the attendants weren’t able to give us cabin service but they made up for it in enthusiasm. I sat next to an adorable Russian couple who were trying to figure out how to do a sudoku puzzle. I gave them a few tips that the husband had to translate for his wife. They were super adorable and I loved listening to them during the flight. The second leg of the flight the sky looked like an ocean. It was so gorgeous that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it for most of the flight.


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