Dreams Really Do Come True…

As my birthday is coming to a close, I wanted to explore the day on the page, because I don’t want to forget a moment. This birthday has been the best that I can remember since the frog olympics, and that was excellent (Props to my Mom, who was the best birthday planner EVER!).

This year on 7W we have a new tradition. The birthday girl is wakened by the rest of the floor at 7AM and the roommate makes something delicious. The remnants of the brownies are currently sitting in the pan on Em’s desk. A lot of girls woke up early to come sing to me and I almost cried (a. because it was so early b. because I get sentimental easily). We ate brownies and all stared at each other after everyone wished me a happy birthday. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I started my day and then my mom called and she and MJ wished me a happy birthday. I bought myself a dirty Chai Tea Latte and read the first few chapters of Northanger Abbey on my recently acquired Kindle (THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!! They are, seriously, the best ever!).

Then there was chapel, where Lynnae (I love her) embarrassed me by yelling “THE BIRTHDAY GIRL IS HERE!” as I crossed to my seat. I received many “happy birthdays” from random strangers. I had one of my favorite classes, Biblical Perspectives of Media in Culture, and then got out early for extra lunch time. Lunch was NOT tacos (as it is usually on Tuesdays), but fajitas! YAY!

At lunch Emily obnoxiously pointed out that it was my birthday several times, inspiring my brothers to sing me happy birthday, but one of them thought my name was Natalie, which was hilarious. After lunch is ANOTHER of my favorite classes, Reading and Writing Children’s Literature. We signed up for projects and I got Twilight (YES!). Deanna and I realized that we needed to go to Open Books immediately! Which we did. I bought Corduroy and a Bernstein Bears book for my first paper (I’m so excited). When I returned to my room there was a Sprinkles cupcake from Janelle (she’s such a sweetheart!). It was DELICIOUS! I did homework and then things got funny.

I hadn’t really planned much for my birthday. I really wanted to go see Buckingham Fountain, but didn’t plan for much else. Andie, Ashley, and Em were all coming with that I knew of, but I had thought that I would see others (e.g. Nick, Mark, Skyler, Luci, etc) and invite them as I saw them. I didn’t and Em came in and said, “Let’s wear dresses!” So we did and I knew something was up when she came out acting funny cause I was going to Ash and Andie’s room.

I ran into Nick on my way to dinner and mentioned that I thought Em was planning something, to which he responded “I doubt it,” a bit too quickly. What I thought was happening was something small scale. Some sort of surprise, like last year, where we went around to various bookstores and ate Molly’s cupcakes. She took me up to where Andie and Ash were waiting, but we didn’t go into Joe’s and then I saw the room with streamers and then like 20-25 people were jumping out from behind tables yelling “SURPRISE!”

I was completely shocked. I couldn’t stop smiling and nervously laughing about the whole thing. After I went around hugging everyone the three most marvelous young women in my life here made toasts for me. I couldn’t cry because I was extremely embarrassed and I couldn’t stop smiling. I am tearing up as I write this because it’s crazy to think that all those people came out for me. We ate cupcakes and then I opened my present…

IT WAS A TYPEWRITER! Next to a Kindle and seeing Adam Young in person (Thank you again, Bee), it was the best gift I could have asked for. I was super thrilled. After the party Mer, Em, Dani, Andie, Ash, and I went to Buckingham Fountain. It was beautiful. And then END made a trip to Emerald’s Bar and Grill where we got burgers. And now I’m back in my dorm room, crying at the giant card they all made me and marveling that God graced me with such wonderful, godly men and women that all like me for some reason. It’s a crazy, beautiful thing. Looking at how far I’ve come, I’m so grateful to my friends and family for putting up with me at all ;). So, here are some pictures I took after the Buckingham Fountain, and I hope that pictures of the surprise party will go on Facebook soon.

A garden walkway on Michigan Ave

My birthday card 😀

I made a move in the communal chess game happening on the street.

We all got burgers and fries. I got mine with Irish cheddar (be proud Daddy!). It was YUMMY!


One thought on “Dreams Really Do Come True…

  1. Colleen Thorsen says:

    I am glad you had such and awesome birthday. I actually liked your Phantom of the Opera party , and The Man Who Knew Too Little was pretty cool as well. I think you have had some pretty neat birthdays. A sore subject with Bree.


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