Owl City, Mat Kearney, and other wonderful, dreamy things…

As some of you may have seen, I went to an Owl City concert last night. There were three bands that played and all were magnificent. I was floored. I have, for your viewing pleasure, many pictures that I took on my iPhone. However, since I believe it would overwhelm you to see them all (not to mention how boring it might be), I will only post a few here and then create a gallery for the rest, which will hopefully include some of my sister’s pics. She took some great ones. I had the opportunity and the pleasure of seeing my friend Krystallin and her sister Kindra there too. They saved us a spot in line.

Kindra, Krystallin and Bee. We had a lot of fun waiting and filling out random forms.

The evening opened with Unwed Sailors, an instrumental group. I had never heard of them before, but they were great. I loved their music and their shoes. You will note that I noticed all the shoes of the bands because that’s what I was eye-level with. Everyone in Unwed Sailors had holes in their shoes. It was an amusing sight. The lead was the bass player, which was a bit unusual, but kind of cool. The guy on our right (I’m not sure what he was playing, I’m not well-versed in guitar) got so into it. He was having a blast.

This is the “I’m having so much fun, you can’t believe it!” guy. We all liked him a lot.

After Unwed Sailors Mat Kearney played. I hadn’t heard his name before, but I’d definitely heard his music. This guy really connected with the audience. At one point he got down into the crowd and walked around. He was singing and then, apparently, tried to get back on the stage, but was stopped by someone who wanted to see his backstage pass. He then started laughing and messed up the end of the song, but that was okay. He had the most gorgeous piano and all of the guys in his band wore cool stuff. The bass player had suspenders on. It was great. (He also had velco-strap shoes). I loved his music. I really want to buy his new CD (comes out on August 2nd!). He played a song from it and I loved it. It was really awesome.

Here he is. Mat Kearney. *angelic music plays*

I am not ashamed to say that while Mat Kearney and Unwed Sailor rocked, Owl City stole the show. I guess it’s only right given that it was their concert. Adam Young records his songs himself, but on tour he has two drummers (who double as guitar/xylophone players), a violinist, a cellist, and another piano player/singer (his female lead on the CDs, Breanne). I wonder how many girls go, prepared to swoon over Adam Young only to find themselves swooning over the drummer. That’s what happened to me. The drummer that I could see (on my right, I couldn’t see the other one) was gorgeous. Yup, I swooned. Adam Young was different than I thought, but he was great. The highlight of the night was when he finally saw the bubbles that Brianna had been blowing. He was pleasantly surprised to find bubbles floating up toward him as he sung The Yacht Club. If I had a picture of his face in that moment, I’d show you. As it stands, I don’t. But here’s a picture of him. (It should be noted that about two songs in, he took his shoes off.)

Hello there Adam Young…

Overall the night was incredibly enjoyable. It was, possibly, one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten.


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