My very first week

This post is going to be all text, and I apologize for that in advance. It’s mainly about everything I’ve learned so far, and that’s all text. I’ve been learning copyediting skills. And some developmental editing skills. Mainly, I’ve been looking over a manuscript.

It was bad. One dimensional characters and an under-developed setting made it awful. I only got 100 pages into it. I tried to help where I could but I have serious doubts. Who am I to tell this guy (he just graduated, so he’s probably older) that his story sucks? I’m well-read and I can tell the difference between good and bad, but I’m just a kid. I’ve only scratched the surface and I feel so overwhelmed.

Along with that I’m dev editing a manuscript that I won’t name, because I think people probably know the author. It’s…boring. And repetitive. Which is the worst combination. If you state something in a boring way and repeat it over and over, it’s still boring. Nobody will want to read it. The first four chapters are thick. Not in a theological, “oh this could be meaningful” way. In a “I’m blathering on and on and I don’t care about your sanity” kind of way. I’ve cut some from it, but I have no idea what I’m doing. Not really.

I’m doing two copyedits: one fiction, one nonfiction. I haven’t started on them, because I feel a little overwhelmed with everything. Today, I felt like standing and yelling, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!”

The good news is that I did something slightly ambitious. My former professor, Paul Santhouse, is something of a publishing celebrity in the Christian publishing world. I mention him and his name is like gold. I get access to information and knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It’s crazy. I emailed him to keep him updated on my internship and he said that if I could get in touch with Dan Rich (my supervisors bosses’ boss) I should. So I emailed Dan Rich out of the blue and told him Paul Santhouse had referred me. He replied that he was friends with Mr. Santhouse and would like to honor his recommendation and to come by and make an appointment. WHAT?! This is the guy that STARTED NavPress (publisher of the Message) and apparently Waterbrook too. And he’s meeting with me. No biggie, right? (I FREAKED OUT!) Since then, I haven’t been very…awake. My first week exhausted me.

My supervisors and I met and they gave me some goals. I will be taking a copyediting test in a couple of weeks. Apparently it’s strenuous and awful. I’m nervous. I probably won’t even pass. It’s unnerving to sit there and know that there are serious expectations of you. One of my supervisors said that I have good writer’s instincts. What does that even mean?

Yes, okay, I’m doubting my skills. Usually, I’m pretty confident that I’m awesome. But David C Cook is a humbling place. Add all the worry about school next year and the fact that I’ll be GRADUATING next May leaves me a little low on self-esteem. So I apologize if this was too depressing. But if you made it this far, congratulations!! My friend Andie once told me that most people just glance through and look at the pictures in a post. I hope that isn’t true, because the gems of my posts are always the writing. There! My pride is making a comeback. The healthy kind of pride.

Until the next time, dear reader, I bid you farewell.


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