Feeling Forlorn

I miss my friends. All of them. Last night I talked with Mark, who’s off in Florida (btw, if you ever read this Mark, it’s hurricane season. PREPARE. lol). Two of my best friends are far far away: Em’s in Rwanda and Nick’s in Japan. Micah’s off in Oregon (hopefully I’ll be able to see him when he comes to Denver to meet his girlfriend’s family). Andie’s having a blast at her Living Water internship. I haven’t heard from Ashley in weeks(if you read this…CALL ME) and it’s difficult to get a hold of her because I never know if I’ll be calling too late (she’s two hours ahead of me). Luci is three hours away,

but she’s busy working. Danica’s helping plan her sister’s wedding. Cory’s busy prepping for his wedding. Skyler is…Skyler. I don’t think he’d respond or get in contact with me because I’m not an important person in his life anymore. I’m not trying to be mean, it’s the truth and sometimes that happens. Lauren is in Tennessee (and having a blast, I’m sure). And I’m sitting here in Colorado Springs with an awesome internship, but no community. I miss my church, I miss Moody Publishing and my publishing class, I miss my floor (if any of my girls from 7 are reading this, I LOVE YOU!), I miss my roommate, I miss my room and my bed and my desk AND MY BOOKS (I miss those a lot). It’s only the end of June, but I can’t wait to go back and to start classes and to feel…comfortable again. I know that everyone will be different, but we all love each other and they’re my Moody family so we’ll reunite and be excited about it. And they’ll have all sorts of adventures to tell about, and I’ll have all sorts of awful manuscripts (and good ones too) to tell them about. It’ll be great. I want it to happen soon.

I realize that this is all depressing. Me missing people does not make an exciting blog post, but I was feeling forlorn and needed to express myself. For those of you that are wondering: Nick is doing fine after the earthquakes in Kobe. And apparently he drank gatorade in a bag. If you want to know what he’s up to visit his blog here. He doesn’t update terribly often, so prepare for disappointment. Andie’s internship is at Living Water and she’s having so much fun it should probably be illegal. If you want to hear about that, her blog is here. She hasn’t updated recently because she’s been having too much fun making vectors.

Two last things. My supervisors are both hitting the midnight showing of Harry Potter (as are all true and untrue fans, it’s the last movie for heaven’s sake!). We were all talking about Friday and if they should leave early, etc, and I, jokingly, said that they should just come in at 3AM and work till 11AM, because it would be worth sleeping for four hours only to get up and come to work exhausted. They thought it was brilliant and proceeded to ask for permission to do just that, and it was approved. They’re crazy, but I’d admire them so much and if they actually go through with it, it will become legend in my mind. The other thing is that I created something, and I’m insanely proud. I already posted it on twitter, so if you’ve seen it, sorry. My tape dispenser was, unfortunately, broken. But I fixed it with my ingenuity, pushpins, a rubberband, and some tape. Here it is! I love it. Every time I look at it, it reminds me that I’m not as thick as I often think I am, but that I can be clever when I need to be.


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