Apples to Apples

My family has fascinating games of Apples to Apples. If you aren’t familiar with the game there are red and green cards. The green cards are descriptive words. The red are nouns or verbs. Someone picks up a green card and everyone else puts down a red card they think applies. The idea to write down quotes came because my little sister Grace is so hilarious about her reasons for denying or picking a card. This post is dedicated to the quotes gathered during many games with my family and friends.

“Well he’s dead…now he’s just WHITE.” Grace on Walt Disney and why he isn’t colorful

“Well, I figure the Statue of Liberty is a statue.” Grace

“Braces should be there…makes you popular.” Dad

“The locker room…nah (not popular).” Dad “That’s not what you told me…” Mom (in suggestive tone)

“Dad has a ritual before going to bed. He walks out and yells, ‘Hey, SHUT UP!'” Dad

“Until a couple years ago, I’d never heard of the Sahara desert.” MJ

“When I think legendary I don’t think…APPLE. I think…” MJ “BANANA.” Dad

“When I think of Adolf Hitler I think…BALD.” MJ

“Mohammad Ali…reminds me of Ghandi who was bald.” MJ

“Marissa have you gotten a card yet?” Dad “Yes, I’m VIOLENT!” MJ “At least you’re not USELESS.” Dad

“The Cold War…in which they drank beer. Midlife Crisis, good time for a beer. London, where you can buy beer. Diamonds, which you can exchange for beer.” Dad

“Antarctica is only pure coldness.” Grace

“Hopeless…California, Witch Hunts, Pokemon, Chickens, Berlin 1945…There’s a clear winner here: chickens. Have you ever met a free chicken?” Dad

“Unless it’s coming down sideways, then it’s like DEMON RAIN FROM HELL!” Dad on Rain being Melodramatic

“If it’s a nation in general, then it shouldn’t be calm because there’s millions and millions of people.” Grace on the United Nations being Calm

“I actually think your intelligence is good right now.” Bri to Dad


One thought on “Apples to Apples

  1. Emily says:

    Hey you updated!
    ok i have one that is funny. the word was exciting (or something to that effect) my grandma put down viagra, her reason? “I just didn’t want it in my hand anymore!” Suuuure grandma sure…


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