Percy Jackson and the Olympians

I read this series in three days. They were that good. I’m gonna go through book by book and just point out my favorite parts. Here we go.

The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson has switched schools every year, because something always seems to happen to him that gets him kicked out. This summer he finds out why strange things have happened to him. He is the son of Poseidon, a demigod, a hero. He must now go on a quest to bring back Zeus’s master bolt or the world will be thrown into a war that none have seen before. I loved this book because Riordan wrote it just like a twelve-year-old. There was no adult comments thrown in there. He did characterization very well. Annabeth was an excellent character (who, sadly, is portrayed wrong in the movie) and I loved her and her hat πŸ™‚ The places that they went were described well and it was an excellent introduction to the heroes and the villains of the series.

Sea of Monsters

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and the bully Clarisse head off to find THE GOLDEN FLEECE. This quest, originally done by Jason and the Argonauts in Greek literature was done rather well. You meet Circe, the sorceress, monsters, and cyclopses, one of which is Percy’s half brother Tyson. I liked that while following the traditional path of heroism, it was done with a modern touch. Instead of turning men into real pigs, as in the tales of old, Circe turns them into guinea pigs. Which was amusing. They also meet sirens, and Annabeth almost dies. However, Percy finds that he has some powers that he didn’t know he had (being the son of Poseidon and all). I liked that. I really enjoyed the plot in this one and the twist at the end. It was the ending chapter that had me grabbing the next book, which was…

The Titan’s Curse

We’re introduced to several new characters in this book, all children of the Big Three (The Big Three are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades). Thalia is a daughter of Zeus, and Nico and Bianca are children of Hades. When Artemis and Annabeth disappear, captured by Atlas, the Titan that holds the sky off the earth, Percy, Thalia, Bianca, and Zoe (a handmaid of Artemis) go off to find them. Nico is my favorite character. He doesn’t show up much in this book, but he is dark and brooding and has a good deal of spirit. And he can call up spirits and he can open the earth and swallow skeletons. Which is awesome.

The Battle of the Labyrinth

This is my favorite. In this book we learn about Pan’s Labyrinth, as it is called in traditional times. We also meet the god Pan, right before he dies. Tyson comes back and we meet Midas, the great king. There is so much history in this book. I learned things that I hadn’t known before about Greek mythology (and I know quite a bit), specifically about Daedelus, maker of the maze. In this book we meet yet another vital character, Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She is mortal, but can see through the Mist (the substance that keeps mortals from seeing the monsters) and so Percy and Annabeth enlist her help in seeing the correct way through the maze. Hera, Zeus’s wife, tries to help them, but Annabeth offends her and they both leave hating each other. In the end it is clear that a war with the Titans is coming and a poor unfortunate soul is claimed by the scariest, Kronos.

The Last Olympian

I think that this book was the best, because you can see the evolution of Riordan’s writing and the characters have grown up quite a bit. It’s the battle between the Titans and monster and the gods and demi-gods. Percy takes on the curse of Achilles. When Achilles was growing up, he took a bath in the River Styx. His mother held him by his ankle, so it was the only part of him that didn’t become invincible. That’s why when he was shot in the heel, he died. Because it was the only part of him that was vulnerable. Percy does that too, only he picks the small of his back as his tether to the living. That and a certain young girl that he may be falling for. By this time they are almost sixteen and the prophecy may be coming to pass. They fight the Titans and pull a few surprises from their hats, but the Titan lord is very strong and determined to take Olympus as his own. The end is so sad, I cried, but it was the perfect ending to the series. Or so I thought. My favorite part of this book was the last Olympian, Hestia, who is goddess of the hearth. Percy gives temptation to give up to her to guard, for if they all fall he tells her that she will be the last Olympian and the only one that really matters. It was a good ending.

The Lost Hero

Okay, this book isn’t technically in this series, it’s a part of a new series: The Heroes of Olympus. Many of the characters are the same. Annabeth and Rachel return. Percy has apparently gone missing though. This book intertwines the Greek and Roman myths. I love it. It also has a character named Jason who is found with one shoe. Just like Jason of Jason and the Argonauts. I haven’t finished yet, but I think that so far it’s brilliant and I’m excited about the new installment coming in October, called The Son of Neptune.Β πŸ˜€ Neptune is god of the sea in Roman mythology.

I just want to say, I highlighted the parts I liked or thought were semi-important but these synopses by no means cover the plots or subplots in these books. I suggest that you read them if you want to know what happens. πŸ˜‰


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