The NEW Prologue

I posted that last bit of Raina (aka Nanowrimo 2010 novel) without remembering that I had a newly written part to add. So the last prologue is actually the beginning of chapter one and is a dream. YAY DREAMS! They are my favorite. I really should have more flashbacks in dreams. So here is the REAL prologue and the death of a king.


The king woke, shaking and short of breath. It was the fifth night in a row the dreams and woken him.

“Eila…” he murmured. Instinctively he reached out for his wife. He grabbed her arm and found it sticky. Worried, he sat up, bringing his hand to his face.

“Lauren?” the stench of blood reached for him in the darkness.

“Lauren!” it was a shriek this time and he pulled open the curtains, letting in the moonlight. He looked down into the dead blue-green eyes of his wife. All he could say was her name over and over as he focused on the slashed throat and blood-drenched night dress. Her hair tumbled out of its bun onto the pillow and her mouth lay open. Tears streamed down his face as he scooped her up, cradling her.

Then he stiffened and his eyes went wide in shock. The man behind him twisted the dagger that had been thrust into the king’s back. He let out a strangled gasp as the life spilled form his eyes.

The assassin chuckled. He yanked the knife from the king, wiped it clean, and sheathed it.

“Sorry, Your Majesty,” he rasped, “but I fear that your throne is coveted by too many people.” He looked at the woman. “As was your wife. If she might have come quietly…” he trailed off, shaking his head. Someone shouted in the hallway and the man slipped out the side door.

“Oh young princeling…” he called as he melted into the shadows.

The soldiers burst into the room. They found their monarchs dead in each others arms.

Somewhere in the night a boy of twelve ran as fast as he could toward the trees, hotly pursued by a man.

No one knew what happened to the young prince, though they searched for many months. The entire nation mourned for their beloved king and queen, but it wasn’t long before a new form of government was established. The deceased king’s right-hand man founded the very first Council. They made all the decisions concerning the country together, with no man as “head.”

They promised to search for the prince, but they never did, preferring instead to run the country on their own and not giving way to the rightful king.


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