My weekend, Jerry B. Jenkins, and a promise

I want to apologize for not updating in the past week. It has been ten days since my last post and I felt bereft. I haven’t written a review in a month. I promise that this weekend one will get up.

This past weekend, I forsook my homework opting to, instead, breeze my way through four novels: two by J. D. Robb (my favorite mystery author), two by Maureen Johnson (my new favorite YA writer). It was a delightful time for me. I got through 13 Little Blue Envelopes (Maureen Johnson) and Ceremony in Death (J. D. Robb) on Saturday and the other two Sunday and a little on Monday. The result was that I felt rejuvenated and resolved to start editing Raina immediately. I now recognize that my lack of inspiration for editing has come from the entrenchment of academics. I love my school and I love learning, but this past month has felt like TORTURE. I want to be done and go edit forever. The end. But it’s not. I still have a year and half of school before I get my degree. However, I am currently editing chapter 4 of Part 1 of my book and hope to be done with part 1 all together by  the first week of March (next week). I’m extremely optimistic. Now. I wasn’t earlier.

It really is amazing how God encourages us. Today I was despairing about my work ethic (which is practically non-existant. I’m working on it), and I had to read over half of a book in an hour. Which I can totally do (and did) but lacked the energy to do it. I also didn’t go to work to finish this thing. I got through Hebrews with Dr. Sauer tolerably and was greatly encouraged by chapter 5 of that book (becoming my favorite book of the New Testament). You should read it. Then I finished Book Business by Jason Epstein. Tangent: if you are planning on doing any writing or editing or publishing in your life, you should read it. It’s a great memoir and almost instructional on how to do it RIGHT. End tangent. Then I got to my Book Publishing class. And abruptly remembered that Jerry B. Jenkins, author of the Left Behind series and many, many, many other books, was speaking today. Because there he was, in the back of the class. And suddenly the day was much more bearable. (I also had peanut M&Ms, which tend to make life better too). The whole class was spent listening to him answer questions that we had prepped ahead of time, hearing stories of his time with Billy Graham, and receiving personalized, signed copies of his book, Writing for the Soul.

Yup, it happened. My very own edition of his book. I was, of course, as I always am in front of well-known published authors: tongue-tied. I can think of at least five questions that I couldn’t ask. But it cheered me considerably. It was like a wink from God. He knows I’m down, but it’ll be all right. I’ll soldier on.

Speaking of which, as mentioned above, another review will be up by the end of the week. It’ll be over one of the four books I read this past weekend. Probably Maureen Johnson’s because I never know where to start with J. D. Robb. She’s written over thirty books in the In Death series. It’s hard to start in the middle. I’m not sure if I would recommend them either…they’re kind of my guilty pleasure. Also, once I type in my editings I will post my  first chapter of my Nano novel (currently titled Raina). I’d really like some feedback, so prepare yourselves.

Until next time, dear reader, I remain yours…


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