A LOVEly Day :)

What do you say on Valentine’s Day? I just don’t even know. My life is so full. I remember last year telling my mom that I hated Valentine’s Day. But this year I love it. I got all dressed up and I sent Crush cans to three of my favorite single ladies (I missed one, but she forgave me). My dearest friend Ashley sent me a grape Crush. It will be my only soda of the year.

Yummy. I love Grape Crush.

I have some great friends. I have Ashley and Andie, my sometimes roommates. They encourage me, keep me accountable, and deal with my silliness on a hourly basis. I have Luci, who understands my interests better than anyone else. Just last night we had a very long conversation about BBC shows. It was great. I have two other young ladies who delight my soul: Danica and Emily. I love them both dearly. Tonight we are having a party that will, no doubt, be epic in every sense of the word. Then there are my sisters on my floor, who are all great. I find myself laughing all the time now and I don’t think I would trade my spot on 7W for the world. They are such a wonderful group of godly, fun women and I love them all so much. God has blessed me so immensely in my friends.

I also have a fabulous brother full of God-centered guys that are so encouraging and delightful to be around. K-9 sent me this valentine:

Aren’t they sweet?

My family also sent me Valentines. My mom sent me the Valentine that keeps on giving because she was so overwhelmed with love for me that she couldn’t put it into words and decided not to even try. The card was blank. My older sister, Brianna sent me a wonderful Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) Valentine that sings when you open it. πŸ˜€ I love my family.

White chocolate…heavenly

My deep-rooted love for Valentine’s Day comes from my mother. When we were littler, every V-day was like a second Christmas. We would wake up and know that the table was littered with candy, specifically HERSHEY HUGS!They were and continue to be my absolute favorite Valentine candy. We got mugs that were covered in hearts, Beanie Babies (usually V-day bears), and home-made cards. It’s my mom’s favorite holiday. Ironically, it’s my dad’s least favorite holiday.

Today is not necessarily about couples or romantic love. I think it’s about expressing love to the people you really care about. It’s an excuse to send people candy and to be boisterously affectionate. Seize the moment! I’m planning on calling my grandmothers and wishing them a Happy Valentine’s because I don’t usually talk to them.

This is just another day to recognize the love that my God has for me. It’s a love that makes my heart speed up, that gives me weak knees, and I know that it’s a love that will never end. Earthly love can only be till death do us part. My one true Love will be forever. It boggles my mind. I’m so happy that I can celebrate this day with my girl friends and my God.

Dear reader, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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