An Infusion of Love

As a semester ends and the holidays draw nearer, I’ve become more and more stressed. Because with the end of the semester comes FINALS. This year I only have two traditional finals, meaning two actual tests. The rest are projects of some sort. Most I’m excited about. Tonight’s project is not one that I’m thrilled about, or one that will bring me any joy. In fact, I can’t eat anything right now because in 1.5 hours I’ll be leaving to do it and it terrifies me. I will be performing a monologue that I wrote at the Red Line in Chicago. I’m so nervous and scared, genuinely terrified. So, this post is really a place to dwell on other things.

I just read my friend Andie’s blog and it made me cry. She’s been in Ireland for the semester and I miss her like crazy (She’s my long distance family). I’m so grateful for my friends. Emily and Nick are coming tonight, and I’m glad they’ll be there, because no one, at this time in my life, knows me better than they do. I’m so grateful for them. I’m grateful for my little family here at Moody. Or families, I should say. I have my floor and our brother floor and I love them all dearly. I also have my Spokane family which is me, Em, Nick, Mark, Micah, Danica and Cory. And I love them all too. Cory is getting married in the summer and I think I might cry. Actually, I probably will. Ashley has been my encouragement and my never-ending support through all of my drama and I love her for it. We’ve been so busy, we haven’t had time to connect as of late, but I know that we’ll always be family. And Luci. Oh, Luci. I love her so much. She’s the only one who can keep up with me sometimes and I think she’s the only one who’s met my family. Weird, that. Tomorrow night Em and I are giving our boys their Christmas presents and that makes me happy. I gave Luci here present yesterday, because I just couldn’t wait. It was an excellent present. And Emily’s should get here in time for our END of the semester party part 2. (Get it? END? EmilyNicoleDanica) And I’ll get Mars bars for Christmas. HUZZAH!

There are other people I love, that aren’t family yet, but are good friends. My roommate, Lauren, is a constant source of delight to me. Alicia is my favorite guest to have in our room and I’m so glad that they are both around often so that I get to see them. I love my friend Stephanie Kay Mehalic, who, I do believe, is the last vestige of my high school friends. She is my petunia and I love our conversations and skype sessions. I can’t wait to talk to her soon!

Then, of course, there is my real family. I cannot tell you my delight, dear reader, that my dad has returned from Afghanistan. I love him so much. He is my academic buddy of the family. And he is my standard. Any guy who ever wants to date me, should be a leader, like my dad. And manly and awesome like my dad. And follow the commands of God in such a way that his life screams Christ. And my mother, who is my guidepost. I want to be like her so much when I grow up. She is such a woman of faith, by no means perfect, but an effusion of Christ. My sisters are so dear to me, they are a constant source of joy and amusement and consolation. Brianna is the one I think, who really knows me better than all others. She understands my feelings perfectly for just about everything, even when I endeavor to hide them. Between Mom and Bee I can’t really hide. It’s almost scary. I’m so happy to be returning home to my ray of sunshine and art. Marissa is my commiserator. She and I have the same sense of drama and so we get along like two peas in a pod. I love her so much and I wish and pray with all my heart she doesn’t go down the paths I did when I was younger. Grace is the wit of the family. I love her so much. Her dry sense of humor and disregard for personal space make life interesting (and often annoying). I know that my family will always love me, always care and I thank God that he put me in this family, where I am so easily understood and encouraged.

And now, dear reader, it’s time to get ready. My, how time has flown. One hour till my performance. One hour to gain the courage necessary. I don’t worry about my grade. I worry that I won’t communicate well. That I won’t do a good job. That I won’t glorify my Creator and the infinite Artist. Pray for me, reader. I’m going to need it.


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