Brothers, gotta love them

Yesterday I was at my bro/sis table and a few of my brothers asked if they could be in my story. They then proceeded to give me the most horrible ideas for a story ever known to man. No seriously, I don’t think I’ve heard any that were worse. There were obese men and innkeepers, Winkerbell, Nale and Ship (chipmunks), a fat pink pony, a white stallion (name Sawyer), and a birdkeeper. And that’s just what I remember. But sitting there, listening to them go on and on, I got ideas for characters. And so this post is dedicated to my brothers, who did indeed end up in my story. I’d like to state that the characters in my book are by no means identical to the people who inspired them. In fact, they’re quite different. But I hope they appreciate the use of their names and the fact that they were inspiration.

Brant made it as right hand man to Elon, my main character. He’s also going to be a possible love interest later on for my other main character, but that will be at the end of the book. Stuart is going to be (haven’t written it in yet) the son to one of the main Council members. He’s going to help the rebels and in the end will propose that Raina be queen. (He’s got all the good ideas.) Evan is a mercenary. But not just any mercenary. He’s the commander of them all and really wants to kill Elon. He thinks it’ll be great fun. (Again, the character just developed, it is in no way a reflection of Evan’s character.) The names may vary, but that’s what I’ve got so far. Also, Paige made it in as a fighter. The character is a sort of love interest for Lebrix (who’s based off my friend Bruce).

So now you know what happens at the dinner table. I get all sorts of crazy ideas and have to write them on a napkin. Below are excerpts with the characters I’ve written in. Enjoy!


“Sir?” a young man, Brant, stepped forward. He was Hayanna’s brother. He wasn’t really all that much physically. He could fight well, but others were much better. Elon had drafted him because he was smart and kept a cool head in the heat of battle. He was Elon’s second-in-command.


“What’s going on? We’re ready, but you keep—“

“Something is wrong. I can feel it. The men who are wearing the marks of leadership don’t hold themselves as leaders. They look like footmen, and they look uncomfortable. Brant’s sharp eyes caught the signs.

“So where are the real leaders?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out.” Elon muttered following the sound of the trees. They gave him nothing, he couldn’t sense where the other men are. “I think that we’re in trouble. Bring the men along the side, we’ll scope this out ourselves.” They moved, skirting around the battle and toward the mercenaries. They all looked down at what must have been the camp.

“It’s made of stone.” One of the other men observed. Elon’s gaze was puzzled. “How come—“

“It’s petrified wood.” Brant whispered, horrified. “DIdn’t you say you couldn’t sense anything around petrified wood once? That the plant life just felt dead?” Elon’s face turned white.

“They….” He trailed off staring at the stone. The patterns of it looked like the bark of a pine tree. “They killed those trees…” He got a grip on himself and stood up straight. “All right, men. Get ready. We’ll attack them here. Surround it. You all know what to do.”

They nodded, expressions grim. Brant and one other went around the sides, leading a few others. They slowly surrounded the building and waited for the signal. Elon entered stealthily, eyes darting in every direction.


“Elon. We’ve been waiting for you.” A voice called from the darkness of the room. “Do you like our decorations? I, personally, find them in extremely good taste. They are all the rage in the capitol.” Light exploded around them and for a moment he was blinded, but it disappeared rapidly and he saw the speaker. Before him was a short, stout man, well-armed and clearly ready for battle. He was hardened, muscular and his eyes spoke of the horrors he had seen and done. They showed madness.

“Who are you?” Elon asked in a low voice.

“I’m the commander of the mercenaries hired by the Council to kill you.”

“You’ll find that a bit difficult.”

“I have no doubt. We aren’t going to kill you yet. I’ve heard rumors about you, stories, and I wanted to see if they were all true.”

“Depends on the story.”

“They say you are a good fighter. One of the best. You didn’t show your skill until the battle with the Council pathetic weaklings. I want to test your strength for myself.”

“Well, then.” Elon attacked in a rush. The commander drew his sword with the speed of lightening and blocked the two long daggers that had appeared in Elon’s hands. At the sound of ringing steel, the others attacked. The commander had about seven men with him and all were occupied with the Acadre as they swarmed in.

“Well, that’s cheating.” The commander said.

“What’s your name?” Elon jumped back from the blade and attacked the man again.

“Why do you want to know?”

“So I know what to put on your grave.”

“Grimes.” He replied laughing, “But you won’t be decorating my grave.”

The fight went on for a bit, everyone dodging, evading, attacking. But it went no where. Grimes’s men were equally as skilled and trained as Elon’s. Then they heard the horn. It was a sound that they weren’t accustomed to hearing. It was the signal of retreat. Lebrix had bought the horn in the city years ago, in case of hunting accidents. He had told them all that if there were need to retreat he would blow it so all would know and come back. In that moment of complete shock, Grimes struck at Elon and sliced open his leg. Elon cried out and crumpled on the ground. Instantly Brant and the others were there, grabbing him and running from the stone tent.

“Let them go.” Grimes called to those who would follow. “We don’t want to end the fun yet, do we?”

That’s all folks!


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