Homework? Work? What are these things compared to the Novel which is before me?

Well, not yet. But I will soon have a novel before me! Just wanted to let you all know that I am alive, albeit 5000 words behind. I’ve been struggling getting from point A to point B. But I’m plugging on. I also contracted Pink Eye/a serious eye infection yesterday and so am not at work today, which is sad because I really need the hours. But have no fear! I, the “always have some form of infection” person, have antibiotics handy. lol. So as a reward for coming to read my blog, I have yet another excerpt of my Nano novel. It is incredibly poorly written and horrible, but enjoy it anyway!! I want you all to meet three important characters: Elon, whom you’ve met already, but this older “don’t kill the trees” Elon, Raina, who doesn’t say much in this dialogue but is my 13-year-old protagonist, and Lebrix, who is my captain. If you want to know who my inspiration is for this character (and you know people I hang out with) look up Lebrix and see what it means…lol. It just makes me giggle.

Chapter 5

“Dinner was delicious m’am, thank you.” Raina said politely to Gran.

“Oh, just call me Gran child, everyone does.”

They both looked a little helplessly at the two men on the other side of the table, who were now glaring at each other. At the beginning of the meal it had been pleasant, remarkably so in Raina’s mind, because Elon didn’t seem like to get along with other people. But then it went downhill fast. Lebrix had started a conversation casually with his Gran.

“Yesterday, LaShern ran out of paper. She’s been yelling at me to go get some, so I went. And that’s when I saw the girl.”

“And got us into this whole mess.” She said, laughing.

“You use paper?” that came from Elon, whose eyes were glittering dangerously.

“Yeah, but only after the trees started dying.” Lebrix said casually putting out dishes.

“But you kill them prematurely?” his voice had lowered. Raina had gulped and tried to signal to Lebrix to stop.

“Well, of course. We have a paper mill over on the other side of the village. We’ve sold paper to the Council.” He said it with a hint of pride in his voice. Then he seemed to realize what he was saying. “But I suppose that isn’t a good thing anymore, huh?”

Raina chuckled a bit nervously, glancing at Elon. He was stewing and turning red in rage.

“You kill trees so that you can chop the bodies into parts and sell them to the people who are killing them off.”

“Well, it’s not that traumatic I’m sure-“

“You know nothing!” Elon stood. “You’re destroying a life that could have continued on in peace!”

“You said that they were dying anyway!” Lebrix faced Elon.

“Yes, but does that give you the right to kill it?”

“Gentlemen…” Raina tried to cut in.

“I guess it does!” Lebrix yelled.

“That’s ridiculous!” Elon screamed back. “If your precious Gran there were dying would you just kill her off before her time?”

“That’s different!”

“It doesn’t matter! She’s dying already! What’s the point?” Elon went on.

“It would matter, if it were Gran-“

“But not if it’s the trees? Just because you can’t understand them, doesn’t mean that they don’t think or have feelings-“

“Boys!” Gran cut in. “That is enough.” She banged the plate of cooked meat on the table. “It’s time to eat.”

They had all eaten in silence, but now there was nothing left to fill their mouths with: the food was all gone. Elon abruptly stood.

“Goodnight.” He said curtly and marched out of the house.





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