Dear readers,

I apologize profusely for being practically nonexistant over the past month. I’ve been busy running around and I took a month off fiction. Now that that’s over, I will have more reviews up, however, November 1st (tomorrow, or tonight at 12AM) is the start of NANOWRIMO! NATIONAL WRITING MONTH!! I am participating, writing a book based on a story I started in high school. It should be super exciting!! I’m excited anyway. I’ll be posting excerpts (but not the whole thing) periodically, when I think of it and decide to procrastinate. Pray for me as I start this CRAZY thing!

The other thing I want to apologize for is not updating the stories that I’ve already been working on. The Golden Rose is almost done. The plan was to finish it by the end of the month, but ALAS that did not occur. I haven’t typed any of my new stuff up because that would require free time, which I don’t have. But fear not gentle reader! Soon the day will come when I do nothing but catch up on my writing projects and perhaps finish one or two! I don’t know when that will be, but soon…

Until my next sporadic update, I remain your tireless Wrimo,





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