The many labors of Labor Day

The Malloreon

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So the academic year has begun and that is my explanation for my silence. Sorry to all those of you who were expecting more from me, things have been crazy here… I’m all settled in my dorm room with my new roommate Lauren and I am truly enjoying my classes so far. I’m in three incredibly difficult classes, one of which is Intro to Photography, so I’ll have lots of pictures to share in the near/distant future… I also started an internship this semester with Moody Publishing in their Marketing department and as such will quite possibly be reviewing books I have read for that here on my blog because I won’t have much time for reading for fun. As it is I’ve barely had time to read anything in the past two weeks and it’s only the beginning of the year.

Before I left for Chicago, as I may have already said in a previous post, I was reading the Belgariad aloud to my family and it struck me with a fever of sorts and made me want to read the Malloreon which is the sequel to that series. It took me forever to find it but finally I got my hands on a copy of Guardians of the West by David Eddings and that is what I read during this long weekend. I want more….but unfortunately I have to re-write a paper and work on The Golden Rose, which I have outlined quite remarkably and am desperate to finish soon. I was going to finish it during NaNoWriMo, however I think I’ll do better to finish it now and not when I have so many projects due I’m injecting caffeine into my blood stream to finish them.

I will, hopefully, be posting a review in the near future that encompasses the Belgariad, as a series, and Guardians of the West as the first book of the Malloreon. I want to do it well, so it may be a while until I have the time to sit down and write an overall excellent review of David Eddings work. (Can I just say now that I love him??).

Work on my play is moving like molasses and The Nomorims is stuck in a hole so big I wish it would flood so at least ideas might come to the surface. I think I’m just going to stick on working on one project at a time and then maybe switch once I’ve finished Golden Rose…

Well, this is me signing off and hoping that all of my wonderful readers had an EXCELLENT Labor Day weekend!


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