REVISED Nomorims…

I reformatted it a bit, and moved some pieces around. So here is more of Jeb and Kars:

“Where’s your Nomorim?”

He fiddled with the middle finger on his left hand. “Safe.” He said shortly.

She glanced at his hand, but there was nothing there. “Okay.” She rolled her eyes. “No need to be so defensive.” She muttered under her breath. He still heard her.

“Where’s yours?” he asked pointedly.

“Safe.” She responded in the same tone. Jeb merely smiled and they continued to walk side by side looking over the expanse of the nothingness before them once again silent.


She looked down and gulped. The villagers had been following for at least three hours, trying to get their hands on the thieves. Jeb had spotted a village that night and decided that they had both been hungry for quite long enough. They had traveled for two days with no food, and while Karstrel was getting used to that empty feeling in her stomach, Jeb had not.

“I’m sick of being hungry.” He insisted. And so they had stopped in the village and Kars had waited rather anxiously for Jeb to come back. The gnawing in her stomach had been aggravated  by worry and regret. By the time he reappeared she was almost in a state of panic.

“What took you so long?” she demanded.

“It’s not as easy as it looks!” he protested sending a furtive glance behind him. “Let’s get out of here.”

So, picking up the two bags full of food which he had acquired they had left. However, it had not been long before they heard the tromping of boots and yells of men from behind them. Jeb’s mouth had been stuffed food of some sort of meat, while she had been nibbling delicately at a pastry. When they heard the noise, they glanced at each other, then started to run. Kars grabbed a bag from Jeb and they sprinted along the path in the forest. It was Jeb who had noticed their uphill climb first.

“Is it just me or are we getting higher?”

“I think we are.”

They both paused, huffing, and looked up. They had somehow made it to the base of the mountains.

“How did we make it here?” she mused. The sounds of their pursuers grew louder and Jeb grabbed her hand.

“I don’t care, but there’s probably some sort of shelter or hiding spot up there, so let’s go.” So she had run with him, getting pulled along up the mountain. The wider path had dissolved into a sort of goat path, not fit for humans to traverse, but they were making it. The villagers had stubbornly followed them for a while, but the sounds were now getting fainter.

“I think…we can…rest now.” Kars said to Jeb.

“Yeah…” And he dropped her hand.

They both sat, catching their breath, straining their ears to hear if they were being followed. No noise availed them, and relief slumped Karstrel’s shoulders.

“We should cross a body of water, of some sort, just in case.” Jeb inserted, but didn’t move to look around. They both looked at the bags of food that they had carried and grinned a bit.

“We are officially, successful thieves.” Kars smiled.

“Not exactly successful, but close.”

“We should eat some of our spoils.”


They set up camp for the night, ate their fill and slept, till dawn crept on the horizon.


Well, faithful readers, I have no clue what happens to these two next. If you have any awesome ideas about something exciting that could happen, let me know! Here’s Peebles and Korle. More will come with them soon:

“Hang on.” He crouched and leaped into the sky. She quickly grasped his wings, the feathers slipping through her hands. She screamed as his wings spread and stroked powerfully through the air. WIth every stroke Peebs took them away from the ground. If Korle had looked down she would have seen Ami watching them fly away.

“Well played, brother.” He muttered. “We’ll meet again soon.” And he was gone.

Korle didn’t see that because she was quickly sliding off the back of the mythical animal.

“Peebs. PEEBS!” She shrieked as she fell off his back. She tried to grab on to something, but was completely unable to and found air under her and felt herself fall. Instead of falling to her death, as she immediately assumed she would, she was caught by something and swung through the clouds.


“Hold on.” He sounded as though he were struggling with something. She swung backwards and found herself under him. Then she was flying back out again and thrown up high. She let out a shrill scream as she came back down, but then she hit something and it knocked the breath out of her. Her eyes registered that she was once again under the griffin and she immediately shut them.

“Sorry about that.” Peebs said. Somehow she continued to hear him, despite their altitude.

“Just tell me when we’ve landed.” She muttered and clung tightly to his back, unwilling to relive the terror that she had just experienced to the remotest degree.

“The view is great.”  He said after a while. She then realized that she was hearing his voice in her head, he wasn’t speaking out loud.

“How do you do that?” she asked, her eyes still shut.

“Wizard thing.”


“You really should take a look.”


“You won’t fall this time. Promise.”

Cringing, she cracked open her eyelids, just a little and ended up opening them all the way.

“Wow.” Before her was a spectacular sunset, full of reds, purples, oranges, and other colors that she couldn’t even name. She looked down and saw a village that looked like a toy, so small and fragile looking. She noted that there were no people and then saw two rows of men march through.

She frowned. “Is it always like that?”

“Yes. It was the same where you were, but hidden better. They don’t like to upset the nobles.”


“They have power, respect and money. Rebellious insurrections would become lawful revolutions if lead by a person of noble breeding.”


“People only see what they want to see.”

Korle couldn’t argue. Sh’ed seen it and experienced it herself.

They soared for a while as Korle drank in the view. She saw mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, villages, and castles, all made romantic by the dimming light.

“Where are we going?” she finally asked.

“Circling, making sure we lost him. We’ll land in a minute.”

She bit her lip, remembering their earlier encounter. She had forgotten her worries in the face of the beauty before her.

“Just a precaution.”

Suddenly she smiled and then broke into laughter.


“I realized, that despite the bad circumstances, this is the longest conversation we’ve ever had. I didn’t know you were so talkative.” She teased.

If griffins could blush, he would have been.


I know that’s not a lot, but let me know what you think!


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