The REVISED Nomorims…more of it anyway

Here’s is another part. For those of you who actually read it 😉 enjoy! And as always, I appreciate feedback, positive, negative, or otherwise…

A while later they ate the charred stew and banked the fire. Kars stretched out and tried to sleep, though she had never slept on the ground before and she found horribly uncomfortable. Eventually, however, she fell into a rough and troubled sleep.

The next morning she was woken by a rough hand at her shoulder, shaking incessantly.

“Jackie, go away.” She demanded sleepily but imperiously nonetheless.

“Not Jackie. Whoever that is.” It was a man’s voice, one that had floated through her dreams. Gently, her eyelids fluttered open and she found herself staring into a youthful face, floppy black hair falling into his eyes.

“Wake up.” He said. “We’ve got to get moving.”

Awareness returned to her then and she sat up quickly, moaning as her back complained loudly against the long night on the ground.

“Where exactly are we going?” She asked.

He had turned away to mess with some of the twigs by the fireplace but now turned back toward her.

“Depends on you. We can travel together, and help each other along the way, as we seem to be pursued by the same person-well people. Or we can go our separate ways. And probably get caught. I don’t want to continue…following someone who refuses my expertise.”

“Expertise? In what? Horrible shelter making?”

“At least I can make one.” He responded calmly. “What’s it to be?”

Karstrel weighed the options and decided that she would probably be safer with this homeless looking man. He had saved her life twice already and would probably come in handy later.

“All right. Let’s go together. But where exactly will we go?”

“West. I’ve heard of a woman who can see things that others can’t. I want to see her, so that maybe we can figure out where to go.”

“Where is this woman?” She demanded suspiciously.

“I have to see a man, to find out where exactly she is, but I’m pretty sure that she’s out by Wiza.”

“Wiza?” Karstrel’s incredulous look had him doubting himself not for the first time.

“I know it’s far, but I think we’ll make it.”

“Jeb, Wiza is on the other side of the continent.”

“I know.”

He began to disassemble the make-shift shelter. In short order he was done and Kars was still staring at him.

“Well. Are you ready?”

“I guess so.” She replied weakly. She wasn’t really, but did she have a choice? Where was she planning to go? They couldn’t be on the run forever, and this woman might be able to help.

“Pack.” He reminded her, pointing.

“Oh, right.” She grabbed it and they started their trek once more.

They continued their journey in silence for quite sometime before Kars finally thought of a question that wasn’t intrusive or rude.

“How did you find me? And heal me? You know back when Ami demolished me…” She trailed off as he looked at her quizzically.

“I was running myself and just happened across you lying there. It seemed bad form to leave you so I set about to make you better. Whoever you were with left you for dead. You had a broken spine, cracked ribs, a broken leg, fractured wrist, and a serious concussion.”

Kars shivered. “Thank you.” She murmured.

Mirth entered his voice. “Your welcome.”

“The governor drugged you?” she asked, uncharacteristically eager to get the subject off of her gruesome injuries.

“Well, his henchmen, yes.”

“Where’s your Nomorim?”

He fiddled with the middle finger on his left hand. “Safe.” He said shortly.

She glanced at his hand, but there was nothing there. “Okay.” She rolled her eyes. “No need to be so defensive.” She muttered under her breath. He still heard her.

“Where’s yours?” he asked pointedly.

“Safe.” She responded in the same tone. Jeb merely smiled and they continued to walk side by side looking over the expanse of the nothingness before them once again silent.


Korle was exhausted. After two hours she was still sitting in the tornado. Currently she was sitting on the ground, watching the wind swirl around her.

“Anytime you want to stop, feel free.” She said tot the mass around her. She had eaten half her loaf of bread, drunk almost all of her water. She wasn’t sure what would happen if she ran out. SHe had wandered about looking for Peebs, but there was no sign of panther or man. She realized that the mode of her transportation was a little off-putting to any living thing. They were all afraid of dying in the ridiculously strong winds that surrounded her. She knew it must seem strange- a tornado standing still in the middle of a clearing. The wind was creating a hole in the ground. It was getting quite deep and she knew she should move, but she was tired of being inside of the twister and wanted to figure out how to get out of it. SO she sat and tried to use her stone against it,  tried to will it to stop, but it didn’t work. Her ears were ringing with the sound of the wind. And the she heard a different sound, or she thought she did. But she ignored it, passing it off as her imagination. It came to more times before it registered that the noise might be coming from the outside. She stood up and looked out the small window she had created and saw a large black cat, yowling form a fairly good distance away.

“Peebles!” she cried, delighted to see him still alive.

“Korle.” The voice came over the noise. “What have you done?” He sounded annoyed, as much as he could anyway.

“I had to get away from Amikol.” She tried to yell, so she could be heard but knew that it was futile.

“Calm down, I can hear you.” Peebs tone seemed more amused now. “Tell it to stop.”

“You don’t think I’ve tried that already? It won’t stop!”

“Hmm…Interesting. A moment.”

“Sure.” Korle mumbled. “Got all the time in the world.”

She heard a small smirk in response to that.

After a moment Peebles spoke again, “It is a thing of nature, I think it cannot simply dissolve. You must give it a direction and send it on without you.”

Korle paused for a moment. “Won’t it destroy and kill more stuff?’

“Probably, but I don’t think there is another way to get rid of it.”

She sighed. “Okay.” She focused on the Nomorim and picked a direction away from Peebles and told the tornado to GO! She felt the wind sweep over her-tugging at her to join it. Fortunately, she was sick of wind.

Not now. She told it  Later. And it glided away, wreaking destruction and havoc.

She nearly wept with joy at the sight of it leaving. Peebles had shifted to his human form and approached her.

“How long have you been in that?” his mouth was stern, but his eyes twinkled with mirth.

“A couple of hours.” She said with a sigh. “I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out.”

“I almost didn’t know.” Peebs said. “I realized that he weather had changed, though and it seemed the thing to do.”

She laughed. “I ‘m just glad that’s over!” then she looked at him for the first time. HIs eyes had dark circles under them. His hair was disheveled. His clothes were torn and unkempt and bloody. Through the tears of the fabric she saw gashes and wounds.

“You’re hurt!” she gasped.

He shrugged a little. “I can heal it in a while.”

“You’ll lost too much blood!” she grabbed her pack. She ha d lost a few things in the wind, but her extra set of clothing that she had stuffed in there shortly before they had left was till there. She began to strip up the dress and turned back toward Peebs.

“Take off your shirt.” She struggled to make another tear in the dress.

“Let me.” Peebs held out a hand for the garment. She looked at him then handed it over, a rebellious glint in her eye. Peebs tore the rest of the strips easily.

“You will probably want to clean up a bit when you’re done.” He said with a smile. Then, “I need help.” Gesturing toward his shirt. She circled to the back of him and gently pulled his shirt upward. She gasped as she saw the wounds. Peebs shut his eyes and hissed in pain. Korle continued to pull of the shirt, but the look of horror never came off her face. Peebles back was one big, bloody scab.

“What happened?” She whispered.

“Ami had a little fun.” The pain and betrayal in his voice almost broke her heart. “He threw me against your tree.”

She winced, holding the shirt off the partially sealed wounds. “You need to lift your arms.”

He looked to the right, to be heard. “I don’t think I can.” His voice seemed softer than usual.

She suck her breath in. “Okay.” She muttered. She looked to both sides of him, trying to figure it out.

“Um…can you bend down? With your knees?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can you try?”

Slowly he bent down and she gently lifted it over his head. He held his breath through the whole ordeal, keeping back the screams of pain.

Then it was off and opened his eyes gently. Korle glanced around.

“I think that we could use some herbs or something-” Peebs held up a hand, cutting her off. Some ways off he heard the tell tale signs of his brother, coming closer.

“No time, Ami’s coming. Bind me up quickly.”

Korle fumbled with the strips she had made, and began wrapping them around him tightly.

“Let me know if I tie them too tightly.” She murmured. Peebs was surprised; she worked fast. A little bit later she was done. He motioned for silence again.

Korle held her breath.

“He’s getting closer.” Peebs whispered. “He’s gonna find the path of your tornado soon.”

:But he ran from it.” She looked up at him. “He ran from my tornado.”

“But he know you’re not in it now.”


“He probably saw it, and saw that you were no longer in it.”

“How did this happen? What happened to him?” tears, that she refused to let free, gathered unbidden in her eyes. “Why are we running from someone who is supposed to be good?”

“I don’t know, but I intend to find out.” He looked at Korle. “Come on, we gotta get out of here.” He took a step away.

“How? He’s too fast, we won’t make I.t”

“We’ll take to the skies.” He morphed into a creature she’d only read about. She gasped staring. Before her stood a magnificent animal. The head was that of an eagle, a beautiful, red feathered eagle. The feathers glinted in the last of the sunlight. The body was that of a lion, broad and strong. From out of the back of the lion sprouted two magnificent wings with the same glorious red-orange feathers. (ENTER DESCRIPTION OF THE REST OF HIM! HE’S MAJESTIC!)

“Oh wow.” She murmured as she drew closer. Then she saw the muted gashes on his back. She drew back.

“I can’t Peebs. Your back.”

“Get on.” She heard the voice in her head. “He’s here.”

She glanced around in surprise, looked back at Peebs, winced and walked up to his back.


“Behind the wings. Hurry.” She quickly slid, grimacing, where she was told, knowing she was hurting him.

“Sorry.” She whispered.

“Hang on.” He crouched and leaped into the sky. She quickly grasped his wings, the feathers slipping through her hands. She screamed as his wings spread and stroked powerfully through the air. WIth every stroke Peebs took them away from the ground. If Korle had looked down she would have seen Ami watching them fly away.

“Well played, brother.” He muttered. “We’ll meet again soon.” And he was gone.



3 thoughts on “The REVISED Nomorims…more of it anyway

  1. Juliana says:

    Wow. i can’t wait to write more (yes you do have a reader)! a couple things…

    “Gently, her eyelids fluttered open and she found herself staring into a youthful face, floppy black hair falling into his eyes.”
    this sentence seems a little out of place. It sounds like i’m reading a part when she realizes how cute she is, but then she starts bickering with him. idk, the wording just seems out of place, but you know what you’re doing better than I do.

    also…(this isn’t critical, just a comment) when she hears peebs in her head, it sounds an awful lot like aragon. 🙂

    I love you. i love reading. i love reading your writing. and i love listening to you read. 🙂

    i’ll see you in august!


    • karstrel says:

      I wondered about that sentence but decided not to worry about editing editing until late, when I finish part 1. You’re right it is awkward… Thanks!! Love you Juliana!!!!


  2. Super Scott says:

    Yo, I didn’t know Peebs could change into anything other than a panther. That’s pretty neat. Looking forward to reading the next part!


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